Thrash Hits

May 30th, 2010

Beard Of The Week 006: Karl Middleton of earthtone9/Blackstorm

This week’s winner of Beard of the Week is interesting because it’s an example of facial hair evolution. The winner’s beard has mutated, developed, and been modified throughout the wearer’s career in music. These are all traits that should be admired in a beard; no matter how mighty your facial hair is, to let your beard-styling stagnate is the mark of a man who grows a beard because he is merely tired of shaving, and not out of recognition of how badass beards actually are.

Over the last ten years, this man has been in a multitude of bands, all of which are/were worth sitting up and paying notice to. There’s his most recent project, the balls-out riff-rock of Blackstorm, there was his role in metal “supergroups” The Blueprint and This Is Menace, the under-rated prog-metallers Twin Zero, and of course, the band that most people associate him with, earthtone9. We are of course talking about Karl Middleton.

More of Karl’s beard throughout the ages

Of course it was thanks to Andy Parker earlier this week that we were able to exclusively (well, “exclusive” for all of five minutes, which is as long as it took at least one no-mark “peer” of ours to re-post the story without crediting the source…) reveal that earthtone9 have been thinking about going beyond the free download of their material that they’re planning to put out in July, and are looking in to maybe playing a live show or two…not that we’d know anything more about that. *Ahem*

In case you never saw earthtone9 live (which means you’re either a child or outside the UK, as they played everywhere back in the day, here’s just one reason as to why getting them back playing gigs again would be A Very Good Thing Indeed:

Watch earthtone9 play ‘Off Kilter’ at the Lost Weekend in 2000: