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May 10th, 2010

EP: Tomorrow Brings Giants – A Fraction

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Tomorrow Brings Giants
A Fraction
10 May 2010

by Andy Parker

Birmingham’s Tomorrow Brings Giants have shared the stage with the likes of Desolated, Azriel and Devil Sold His Soul, delivering a traditional metalcore sound with a strong emphasis on powerful vocal dynamism. But when it come to their debut EP A Fraction, is that measure above or below the going standard? Tomorrow Brings Giants A Refracton album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits
‘Lost Causes’ has some Deftones like nuances to it with its lifting choruses before entering a bomb drop style beatdown that Suicide Silence would be proud of. ‘You Can’t Tell Me I’m Not Right’ could comfortably fit on a Tooth And Nail or Golf Records sampler with it’s melodic similarities to Underoath, Dead Poetic or The Hurt Process. It’s only let down is perhaps being a little too long without enough directional adjustment.

There’s no hiding influences in the band, with frontman Alex Baker at times taking queues from the likes of Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage along with strong template song structures, it is at times playing it safe. ‘On The Shore Of Lake Umayo’ and the EP’s finishing move, ‘A Simple Word’, are reminiscent of early Funeral For A Friend (think ’10:45 Amsterdam Conversations‘, or ‘This Year’s Most Open Heartbreak’). The band has a strong, British-sounding metalcore/emo crossover tone, but ultimately they slips into an all too familiar format for bands of this ilk, sounding too much like KSE to stand out on their own. This will come with time and on the whole, this is a good start for these brummie lads, but it’s lacking that je ne sais quoi to truly stand out right now. A couple of bad relationships a little more time kipping in a transit van, and they will be a powerful force to reckon with.


Sounds Like: Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Funeral For A Friend
Top Track: You Can’t Tell Me I’m Not Right

Tomorrow Brings Giants – A Fraction Track Listing
Lost Causes
You Can’t Tell Me I’m Not Right
On The Shores Of Lake Umayo
A Simple World



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