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May 22nd, 2010

Gothic Re-Post: The Festival Goth Drinking Game

Sunshine Vampire Goth Thrash Hits

With festival season just round the corner (Download Festival is less than 4 weeks away!), Thrash Hits is lamenting over the weather’s probable effect on one of our more obscure festival pastimes – “Spot The Over-Dressed Festival Goth”.

The rules were simple – every time you see one of these black-clad followers of the gothic way, down your drink. And if you don’t have a drink, go immediately to the nearest bar and buy one. Then you down it. SIMPLE.

You know the kind of jokers we’re talking about when we say “Over-Dressed Goths” – the weather at festival might be hot enough to cook eggs on a car bonnet, but they’re the some goths tromping around the site in their New Rock boots and PVC trenchcoats. They’re the kids who’d rather risk heatstroke and dehydration through sweat-output alone, rather than lose their regulation black garb or expose their pale flesh to the tan-inducing UV rays of the sun.

A word of warning: don’t ever play this game if the Sisters of Mercy are playing at the festival. By the end of the day, fatal alcohol poisoning will see you getting zipped up in a body-bag in an ambulence instead of the sleeping bag in your tent.

It’s a good thing we can get our Summer Goth LOLs in other ways then. Like giggling at the display of daylighter-dodgers on the excellent Goths In Hot Weather blog. It’s as if someone took the spirit of our childish drinking game and made a website out of it. It’s not be quite up there with the accidental comedy-genius that is the Goth Cruise, but it’s close.

Watch the trailer for ‘Goth Cruise’


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