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May 19th, 2010

ISIS split up? More like ISN’TISN’T then…

You probably know this already, but ISIS have split up. While some are mourning the loss of one of their favourite bands, others could suggest that splitting up is the most interesting thing that ISIS have done since helping to reform the alt.metal world at the start of the decade.

You can read all about the whys and wheres on their MySpace blog but that’s only if you really care.

They don’t say anything you wouldn’t expect from such a well-adjusted set of chaps. “The band’s run its course,” and “We’re all very emotional,” and “This is our farewell tour so buy tickets,” and “Of course we’ll release something else first!” are all there. Arguably, it’s surprising that they said anything at all such is their normal level of interaction.

There is absolutely no disputing that along with the likes of Neurosis and Godflesh, ISIS were responsible for the development of progressive metal – that meandering, apocalyptic thread of metal that thunders along in an almighty wall of sound before bludgeoning with monstrous riffs and guttural screams. There is no disputing that without ISIS, bands like Mastodon would sound far different.

After the release of the groundbreaking Oceanic in 2002 and the mesmerising, inspirational Panopticon two years later, it would be difficult for any band to create something on the same level and the two albums since have been less warmly received. A bit of perspective says that 8/10 and 9/10 marks are definitely a cooler reception than 10/10 but still more than adequate. Is ‘more than adequate’ enough for ISIS, though? Apparently not.

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