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May 21st, 2010

It’s World Goth Day tomorrow. How are you going to celebrate?

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If you didn’t know already, tomorrow, Saturday, 22 May 2010 is World Goth Day! Seeing as the weather’s so darned nice at the moment, it seems fitting that wearing black is the order of the day.

You might be wondering what on earth this is all about, so here’s the splurge…

Following on from the successes of last years ‘Goth Day’ in the UK, DJ Cruel Britannia and DJ Martin Oldgoth have again joined forces to celebrate all things Goth on Saturday May 22 2010.

“World Goth Day is a day to celebrate all things Goth,” says DJ Cruel Britannia. “It is a day where the scene gets to celebrate in its own right and gets the opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world!”

May 22 was chosen as the date for World Goth Day following BBC 6 Music in the UK announcing that it was looking at various musical subcultures, Goth being one of them, over the weekend of May 22, 2009. In the space of a week, DJ Cruel Britannia and DJ Martin Oldgoth decided that it should be celebrated properly, and World Goth Day was born!

“Various members of the scene came up with ideas to celebrate what being ‘Goth’ was to them, including dressing a little more Got” for work, contacting local radio stations to get Goth songs played, making Goth Day cakes, changing their avatar on social networking sites and forums to the “official” Goth Day smiley etc. Basically it was a day to have fun and show the world that they were proud to be Goth.” Says DJ Martin Oldgoth.

We’ve got a few bits and bobs lined up to help commemorate the passing of World Goth Day but we really want to know what you’re going to get up to. Are you going to dig out your Sisters Of Mercy CDs? Sign up to We know you’ve been eyeing up the adverts and wondering…

Go visit the official World Goth Day website for more info, but come back here tomorrow for some lovely Goth-oriented articles.


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