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May 31st, 2010

Photos: Slayer & The Haunted @ Manchester Academy 1 – Sunday, 30 May 2010

Slayer have finally, finally started their oft-delayed UK tour. They’ve been putting it off as Tom Araya’s neck finally rebelled after three decades of constant headbanging. We guess that’s why he looks so glum in all of Gary Wolstenholme’s photos – he’s under doctor’s orders not to headbang as it might cause irreparable damage to his spine. SO METAL.

First up though, were Thrash Hits’ favourite Swedes, The Haunted. Pete Dolving’s had a bit of a shave since we last spoke to him, but he’s badass enough to handle a Slayer crowd. He’s got “My Trial, Your Funeral” tattoo’d on his arms. That’s pretty fucking badass in our book.

We cannot display this galleryThe Haunted @ Manchester Academy 1 photo gallery courtesy of Gary Wolstenholme.

Did somebody say Slayer? Hold on, what we meant to say was: Did somebody scream SSSSSSLLLLLLAAAAAYYYYYEEEEERRRRR? Yes, we imagine that more than a couple of people were indulging in the traditional mating call of the Thrash Metal Fan at the Manchester Academy 1 last night.

We cannot display this gallerySlayer @ Manchester Academy 1 photo gallery courtesy of Gary Wolstenholme.

Anyway, in case you’re not feeling too Slay-tiated (geddit? sorry) with Slayer right now, remember that they’ll be back here later in the Summer for Sonisphere, and on Sunday it’s the 5th annual International Day of Slayer. Let’s watch some more Slayer to get ourselves in the mood, shall we?

Watch Slayer on Jimmy Kimmel:


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