Thrash Hits

May 22nd, 2010

SATURDAY Spotify Slaylist: World Goth Day

For one week (and one week only), we’re bumping our weekly Slaylist a day earlier from it’s usual Sunday slot. Why? To mark World Goth Day, of course!

Yeah, yeah, we’ve spent all day poking fun at The Goths. ‘Cause it’s funny. But we gotta admit, they got some good tunes. We’ve gone an made a Slaylist that starts off a bit trad-Goth, then makes it’s way over through some metal-goth, before ending up in some techno-goth. Goth-tastic. Goth-gasmic. Etc!

Listen to our Saturday Spotify Slaylist: World Goth Day

Is everybody ready for the GOTHIC DANCE OFF?

We’re not Goths, so we fully expect to have made loads of Gothic faux-pas in constructing our Slaylist. We’ve probably missed off some classic goth tracks. Give us a holler and tell us where we went wrong.


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