Thrash Hits

May 20th, 2010

The Pretty Reckless? More like… The Pretty Shit?

pretty reckless make me wanna die single cover thrash hits taylor momsen

It could be said The Pretty Reckless are this year’s Katy Perry. Embarrassingly, they’re playing every date of this summer’s Warped Tour alongside similar bands (kidding, yeah?) such as Alkaline Trio, Bring Me The Horizon, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Suicide Silence, among others.

They’re not as awesome as Katy Perry though, obv.

If you didn’t know after their relentless promo schedule last week, they’re fronted by Gossip Girl actress, Taylor Momsen and they suck big fat balls of shit which is why they’re on BBC Radio 1, all the time. Here are some awesome facts about her:

It really does make me want to die. Or kill? Stab yourself, Momsen. Maybe that’s slightly uncalled for, but that song totally wastes a perfectly reasonable riff on a sub-Avril Lavigne band, right? I bet she totally met those washed up session musicians she calls her band down the bars she’s not yet allowed to drink in. Uh huh.

It helps that she prances around in her knickers though… right? No? Ok. Well, this is what happens when she a) dresses up pretty/slutty and b) plays gigs in Notting Hill:

Before (ish)
taylor momsen fashion shoot pretty reckless gossip girl thrash hits

During & After
taylor momsen notting hill arts club pretty reckless gossip girl thrash hits

Technically, that awesomely photoshopped photo is an After, but whatever. Why even publicise this shit further? WHY?! Right, gotta balance out writing this by listening to some Trash Talk. Fair.

Oh yeah, she’s only 16 so I hope you feel even worse about getting a boner after looking at that picture.



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