Thrash Hits

May 24th, 2010

Thrash Hits = 2!! An example of the fan mail that keeps us going

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Sometimes people feel empowered, invigorated or agitated enough to post a comment on this website. This is a pretty big deal in itself because it’s difficult to create anything which evokes any sort of emotion. Occasionally, said emotion is so strong that people will find your email address ( or, incidentally) and will send you their message personally. We call it fan mail.

Some people philosophised somewhere that, “Happiness doesn’t leave a scar” as the vaguely shitty reason why there are more morons getting angry on the internet than there are morons getting happy on the internet. Well actually there are plenty of morons getting happy on the internet – they just can’t type on message boards at the same time. Basically, people only get angry at us.

Here is the most recent example. This is from M*ch**l T*ngh*t*ll* – y*nk**f*nmik*2@yah**.c*m (We starred out all the vowels to preserve Michael Tinghitella’s dignity. Oh.) And no, we don’t know what he’s talking about either.

I must say i have read some of your sites reviews, and they are just awful awful awful. To keep it short and to the point, i find it stunning how lowly you rate some very good metal bands lowly and give deathcore bands good ratings. One fact, every single deathcore band and song sounds EXACTLY the same, just crap lyrics, not even properly growled or screamed for that matter (they inhale pig squeal, yuck) over a very repetitive breakdown. The songs they create are very unoriginal and make a true music fan wonder how something that takes such little talent gets popular. It is also very sad how sloppy these bands play live, they act like they are dragonforce and just can’t play the songs because they are so hard, but the are very easy to play! Its very mind boggling how your site can actually give them a decent rating and it is very depressing actually, seeing that it really is true that music has died. Fortunately it is only America that is filled with the dimwits that post on reviews your site. I really hope it is not you writing the reviews, because if it is you should be ashamed of yourself.

Keep it coming.


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