Thrash Hits

May 20th, 2010

Video: the new Grand Magus promo looks like it was shot in a piss-dungeon

Okay, if you’re reading this at work, for the sweet love of fuck don’t bloody well Google ‘piss-dungeon’ as it’s pretty much as NSFW as you can get. Although to be honest, if you’re comfortable clicking on a blog post that has ‘piss-dungeon’ in the title, and the phrase “for the sweet love of fuck” in the first sentence, then you’re probably not too fussed about whether a website is family-friendly or not, am I right?

Why are we suddenly so concerned with piss-dungeons? Well, because the new video from Grand Magus, for the track ‘Hammer Of The North’, appears to have been shot in one. Don’t believe us? Let’s look at the evidence.

Once you get past the wolf shots and some weird Evil-Dead-esque camera-effects zooming along a forest floor that the clip starts with, you’ll start to see what we mean:

  1. The band appear to be playing in a dark basement. Much like a piss-dungeon.
  2. The floor of the room appears to have been water-proofed. Much like a piss-dungeon.
  3. The band are all performing on raised platforms, as if they are afraid to stand on the floor. As anyone would be, in a piss-dungeon.
  4. And finally, there are those mysterious clouds of “water vapour” rising up from the floor to swirl about the band. “Water Vapour” – as you’d find in a piss-dungeon.

We know the Swedish are supposed to be more sexually-liberated people than us stiff-upper lipped British-type, but c’mon guys…a piss-dungeon? Wow.

Watch the video to ‘Hammer Of The North’ by Grand Magus:

‘Hammer Of The North’ also happens to be the title-track from the band’s new album, which is out on Roadrunner Records on June 21. Regardless of what format you buy it on, we wouldn’t recommend taking it into any kind of piss-dungeon.