Thrash Hits

May 22nd, 2010

World Goth Day: Ever thought about going on a Goth Cruise?

A couple of years ago, we went to the cinema and watched a documentary about 150 Goths going on a cruise with 2500 other ‘normal’ cruise fans. It was called Goth Cruise and it bloody brilliant.

This is what we wrote about it in in July 2008.

Goth Cruise is a feature film studying the enduring allure of Goth culture in the UK and USA. Filmed on board a 5-day cruise from New Jersey to Bermuda and back in October 2007 it looks bloody great.

English director Jeanie Finlay began the project by asking some key questions about Goth culture such as, “How do grown up Goths earn a living, raise families and have fun?” Intriguing, but not as intriguing as, “Just what the hell happens on a Goth Cruise?”

She came out of filming the ‘Gothumentary’ having learnt a few things like “Goths love karaoke and hot tubs and cocktails”, “every woman should make room in their wardrobe for at least one corset” and “little old ladies from Jersey love Satan”. That’s what happens on a Goth Cruise.

Go check out the official Goth Cruise website for more information.


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