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June 24th, 2010

Album: Taproot – Plead the Fifth

Plead the Fifth
Victory Records
11 May 2010

by Andy Parker

The world has become niche. And a niche in itself is cliche, far more cliche than the mainstream with the same old lines, the same hooks and to many metalheads’ dismay – a chorus that kicks ass. So in steps Taproot – remember them?

We’ve become diversified in our desperate search for uniqueness. In doing so, we’ve failed our goal at it’s very core. Underneath every great song, whether it is a rock anthem, a chart-topping pop number, or a Beethoven classic, the songs that stand the test of time generally follow the same set of rules. The musicians amongst us will have technical terms for these rules, personally I prefer to gauge songs using my trusty rock-ometer. It looks very similar to a clenched fist, only two fingers are stretched out and occasionally if it is really high on the scale – the thumb points out too.

Taproot’s last album, 2008’s Our Long Road Home, was very much a record made not in haste, but with a lack of inspiration. The two years between have obviously proved beneficial and Plead the Fifth sees Taproot back to their former post-nu-metal-oh-my-God-can-I-use-any-more-hyphens-metal. They’re not one of my favourites from the turn of the century, I have to admit, but they were always guaranteed to get baggy jean wearing folk going crackers on the dance floor.

With the exception of a few mid-album duffers in the form of 911ost and Trophy Wifi, showing shall we say, the sensitive side of the band, this is a solid offering of riffage to bang your head to. Despite some critical acclaim and indeed commercial success in the US, Taproot have remained in a holding pattern for most of their careers, trying to get into Heathrow Terminal 5 but constantly getting redirected to France.

Watch the video to ‘Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)’ by Taproot:

It always kills me when you see an artist from foreign shores are packing out large venues in their home nation, but when they do make it to the UK all they can rustle together is small club tour, but even that would be greatly welcomed after such a sterling effort from Taproot. If you want something to listen to in the garden this summer that is going to work well with both red meat and/or fish – Plead the Fifth.


Sounds like: Finch, Drowning Pool, Apartment 26
Top Tracks: Now Rise, Release Me, No View Is True

Taproot – Plead the Fifth tracklisting:
Now Rise
Game Over
Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)
Release Me
Trophy WiFi
Words Don’t Mean A Thing
Left Behind
No View Is True



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