Thrash Hits

June 17th, 2010

Phil Demmel: the MASSIVE head in Machine Head

machine head band promo photo 2007 thrash hits

Yeah, that’s right. The latest flabbergastingly casual observation by the Thrash Hits team is that Phil Demmel of Machine Head has got a MASSIVE head. As in, he’s not an arrogant, egotistical wanker (quite the opposite, in fact) – he is simply in possession of a large cranium.

Just look at Dave McClain’s tiny head in comparison to Big Phil’s! GO ON!

Below is a photo of Phil Demmel hanging out and screaming next to a guitar. Slung across a normal person, this guitar would appear normal sized, even big, when resting against that person’s hips. When placed next to a raging Phil Demmel’s face, however, it is immediately dwarfed into looking like a child’s instrument.

phil demmel machine head guitar scream thrash hits

Phil Demmel’s head makes really awesome guitars look like Fisher Price toys in an instant.

Phil Demmel, we salute you. If you saluted us back, your head would probably make your hands look tiny but that would be cool.



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