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June 9th, 2010

Poll: So what do you reckon of this new Iron Maiden track then?

Okay, so by now you really ought to have heard ‘El Dorado’, the first track from Iron Maiden’s forthcoming album, The Final Frontier. They’re giving it away as a free download, you cheap bastards – what possible excuse have you got for not giving it a listen?

With a name like The Final Frontier, the paranoid hive of falsehood and rumour-mongering known as “The Internet” is already speculating that this might be the last studio release Iron Maiden ever put out. We don’t buy those conspiracy theories for a minute – even if they take as long as the whopping four year gap between The Final Frontier and A Matter of Life and Death, Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris will still be younger than Ozzy is this year, and he’s still popping out records every couple of years.

Anyway, let’s just say – for the sake of argument – that this might be the last Iron Maiden album of wholly new material. Kinda scary, ain’t it? Unlike Ozzy’s latest though, we’ve got some high hopes for this new Maiden record (and if anyone deserves to go out on a bang, it’s the Irons)….but we’re still not quite sure if ‘El Dorado’ has lived up to expectations. Maybe we got our hopes up just a little too high? Let us know what you think of the new song….

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If the download page is still bust, have a listen to ‘El Dorado’ here:

The first leg of Iron Maiden’s world tour in support of The Final Frontier kicks off today over in the USA, but they’ll be landing back in Europe at the end of July, just in time for their headline spot at Sonisphere Festival 2010 at Knebworth.



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