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June 3rd, 2010

Whatever Happened To Nu-Metal? It went to East London for a one-off clubnight tonight, that’s what

You remember last year, just after Limp Bizkit announced they were getting back together, when all the major metal media started fretting over the possibility of a nu-metal revival? They couldn’t decide whether to be delighted or appalled, and they all endured a week of psychological constipation until metal fans shrugged, got on their the Summer, and everyone promptly forgot about “the nu-metal revivial”.

Well, everyone except a single London clubnight promoter, it seems….

Most of us here at Thrash Hits look back on The Golden Age Of Nu-MetalTM with a mixture of nostalgia and embarrassment – it was the time when most of us were teenagers, and we all listened to more than our fair shares of truly terrible, terrible rap metal while sport truly terrible, terrible oversized wallet chains and baggy shorts. However, it was also the period that got us into metal in the first place. So when we got an email the other week letting us know that hipster jerk-joint, The Old Blue Last, would be playing host to a one-off clubnight celebrating all that was awful (and awesome) about turn-of-the-century metal, we’d be lying if we said our interest wasn’t piqued. The email had this to say for itself:

From the makers of Whatever Happened To P-Rock

With Rage Against The Machine’s free show in Finsbury Park and Download festival just around the corner you’d be forgiven for thinking that June was the beginning of some kind of Nu Metal revival. You’d be wrong of course, but the time seems right to remind ourselves of just how marvelously ludicrous Nu Metal was… Strictly for one night only.

You know what this post needs? MORE SPINESHANK:

They went on to say:

Expect to hear songs from the likes of:

Spineshank, Coal Chamber, Slipknot, American Headcharge, Korn, Insane Clown Possie, Limp Bizkit, Crazy Town, Disturbed, Snot, Hep (PE), Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More, Deftones, Glassjaw, Drowning Pool, POD, One Minute Silence, Raging Speedhorn, Static-X, Kittie, Linkin Park.

We’d dispute that some of those bands aren’t, y’know, actually nu-metal, but only the biggest metal bore-offs give a shit about genre-bickering, so we won’t go there. Instead, we’re gonna go over to Whatever Happened To Nu-Metal?’s Facebook event page, and click ‘Attending’. Oh yes.

If you’re still j-j-joltin’ for your fix of that Limp Bizkit mix, then you’ll be pleased to hear that doors open at 8pm, and it all goes on till the bodies hit the floor at 2am. And it’s free, which is handy as God only knows who’d be willing to stump up actual money to attend a nu-metal theme night (well, apart from us).



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