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July 29th, 2010

Album: The Eyes of a Traitor – Breathless

The Eyes of a Traitor
Listenable Records
12 July 2010

by Tomas Doyle

This is what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!! There is nothing that pleases me more in the world that sticking on a ferociously played, solidly written and passionately conceived record – especially when the record in question comes from The Eyes of a Traitor, a young band hitting their stride in inspiring fashion.

Breathless, Traitor’s second full length album is, in pretty much every conceivable regard, a huge leap forward from A Clear Perception and sees them set their stall out not as ‘ones to watch for the future’ but ones to watch Right. Fucking. Now. That this band still have an average age of less than 20 boggles the mind, they have clearly thought about this album, explored numerous paths, developed their sound, and come out with a stunning end product.

The Birth‘ kicks off proceedings after a brief ‘atmospheric’ pre-amble and is probably the most A Clear Perception-esque of this collection of songs with Jack Delaney’s vocals in the low growly territory that fans of the band will be accustomed to. But from there on in Traitor really cut loose and show just what they are about and where they are heading. Delaney, most notably, breaking out into a rasping mid range roar which scythes across the groove laden riffs spectacularly. On ‘The Real You‘, the young front man shows an enviable mastery of highs and lows combining the best of both seamlessly into a piece of song writing which, at points, almost brings to mind the epic aesthetic of Thrash Hits favorites, Rinoa (high praise indeed).

It is not just up front where the band have leapt ahead however. Where before there were riffs stitched together from some rather obvious influences, there are now chunky slabs of headbangable excellence combined with a requisite technicality and a nod towards more expansive sounds. There is plenty of melody on show here as well, ‘Your Old Ways’ is probably the best example with its (admittedly borderline-cheesy) harmonized opening riff and rather marvelously pulled-off sung chorus, the band taking great credit here for not being afraid to mix up their sound when the specific song requires it. ‘Nothing to Offer’ is the arguable highlight, a song which you can easily see igniting mosh pits across mid sized venues and festivals all summer long but equally with an ambitions, desperate, pleading and musically intelligent climax which finally gives way to a juddering, crushing, kick in the head of a closing riff.

Watch the video to ‘Come To My Senses’ by The Eyes of a Traitor:

There are a couple of slip ups here, ‘Breathless’ begins with a rather knuckleheaded shout of “IAMBREATHLESS!!!!”, but quickly picks up thanks to some measured and rather delicate guitar work and syncopated fun. My major complaint however is that at just ten tracks, Traitors sophomore effort feels a little briefer than I’d like it to. This is in no small part due to the fact that the quality of what is on show here makes you not want this album to be over any sooner than it need be. A superb suprise package from a band who seem to be really going places at a frighteningly young age.


Sounds Like: A cross between Gojira and Bring me the Horizon. Go figure.
Top Tracks: Nothing to Offer, Your Old Ways, The Real You.

The Eyes of a Traitor – Breathless tracklisting:
The Birth
Come To My Senses
The Real You
Your Old Ways
Talk Of The Town
Nothing To Offer
Crumble And Break



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