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July 21st, 2010

Album: The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza – Danza III: A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza
Danza III: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Black Market Activities
06 July 2010

by Tomas Doyle

Sometimes when a band has a wacky name, dickheads like me assume that they must be rubbish. If a band spends all their time thinking up a ridiculous name, they can’t have put any effort into the actual music right? It’s like that guy at the office party with the novelty tie, he’s not funny or charming or witty, he probably just smells funny and lives with his mum. Well, if Danza III: A Series of Unfortunate Events is anything to go by, then unbeknownst to anyone else Nigel from accounts drives a Porsche and has slept with three fifths of The Saturdays.

This review is late, I admit it, and that is because it has taken this long to finally get a grip on what is one of the most dense, insane and frankly awe inspiring records of 2010. To say this picks up where TD I and TD II left off would be to grossly undersell it, because those albums really were silly, but on this installment The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza have jettisoned such childishness opting instead for bone shaking heaviness and bludgeoning, destructive, musical mayhem. There appears to be a distinct move here away from the raw grinding noise that has characterized previous efforts to a more technical approach encompassing polyrhythms, time signature changes and a fearsome brand of off kilter noisenik-ery which frequently feels like it is about to self implode under weight of the sheer volume of ideas it bares on its shoulders.

This album is an instrumental masterclass from start to finish, Mike Bradley’s drumming is of Thomas Haake-ish proportions throughout.  Josh Travis’ performance on both 8 string guitars and bass is frankly monolithic, astonishing riff after astonishing riff fall out of the man’s fingers with the full gamut of technicality run on virtually every track here. Over all of this Jessie Freeland’s vocals are the epitome of guttural perfection, brutal and oppressive and quite simply brilliant.

Danza III is superb from start to finish, picking out individual tracks for praise is nigh on impossible such is its consistent brilliance and ferocious relentlessness. OK so there isn’t much rise and fall here, but there is a truly brilliant strain of groove-tastic extreme metal delivered and produced to an absolutely impeccable standard. It seems clear that with A Series of Unfortunate Events have given themselves a launch pad to move from novelty distractions to one of the most important bands playing heavy, technical music right now. Truly, truly brilliant.


Sounds Like: The Red Chord, The Acacia Strain
Top Tracks: Vicki Mayhem, I Am Sammy Jankis,  The Union

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza – Danza III: A Series of Unfortunate Events tracklisting:
Vicki Mayhem
Yippie-Kay-Yay MOTHER!@#$%^
Sammy Janki
The Lost & Damned
Passenger 57
There’s A Time And A Place For Everything
Suicides Best Friend
Hour Of The Time
The Union
A Trail Of Tears



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