Thrash Hits

July 3rd, 2010

Beard(s) Of The Week 007:

This week’s winner (yes, we know our schedule’s not been too “weekly” with this feature) may not be strictly metal, but it is so full of Beard that we’re not even going to play peek’a’boo with you over the identity of the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, please come wonder at the majesty of

But if there’s nothing specifically METAL about, why the hell are we featuring it as Beard Of The Week? Well, because we defy anyone to deny after seeing the awesome beard-worship on their site that most of those guys don’t like a good old chinstroke along to Mastodon. We dare you.

To be honest, we don’t want to write a lot here today – partially because we want to get our hangover back into bed, but also because we want you to click over to and marvel at the wonderous things you’ll see. Chop chop!