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July 10th, 2010

New Dimmu Borgir album artwork and name revealed. Rumours of guest appearances by Paul Daniels and David Copperfield unconfirmed.

With the revelation of the album title and artwork for the forthcoming opus from Dimmu Borgir, Tom Dare raises an eyebrow

There are moments in history you wish you could have stepped in and said “erm, would you like to think this through?” I’d quite like to pop back to my own self, aged 16, and say “big baggy shorts? Spiky hair? Are you sure that’s really you, mate?”. But I’d have donated organs to have been there to step in to the meeting where Dimmu Borgir entitled their new album Abrahadabra.

An examination of the Dimmu Borgir back-catalogue does highlight one thing rather floridly. For All Tid. Stormblåst. Enthroned Darkness Triumphant. Spiritual Black Dimensions. Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. Death Cult Armageddon. In Sorte Diaboli. And now Abrahadabra. Spot the odd one out. All of the previous records just sound cool. You don’t even need to know what the titles mean to think they’re awesome, the ring of sinister charisma that Dimmu project even at their most self-parodical moments comes across. But Abrahadabra just makes me think about Paul Daniels. Not a lot, but it does.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve read the press release detailing its origin with Aleister Crowley, and it’s meaning of “I will create as I speak”. Frankly, it could be the word of Asmodeus himself, and translate as “SLAY-ER! SLAY-ER!” and it would still be the word the magician at my sixth birthday party used to make a rabbit appear from his hat, and still be just as shit as what the rabbit left on the carpet.

Watch the video to ‘The Serpentine Offering’ – another great name for another great song from Dimmu Borgir:

I’ve never given two short shits about the “are they/aren’t they black metal?” debate – I don’t care, I bloody love Dimmu Borgir – but if you’re going to crank up the anticipation by releasing the album artwork over four days, you have got to have something a bit more impressive than that as a title. Even if it’s their very best record, I’ll still be recommending people listen to Spiritual Black Dimensions or Stormblåst simply because I don’t feel ridiculous saying those titles.

We should also talk about the album cover, as that is actually pretty badass. My only problem is that, halfway through the artwork’s revelation, I began to be reminded of other covers. At first Meshuggah’s Chaosphere sprang to mind, but as more was revealed, another album came to mind. Mix Abrahadabra’s 20,000-Leagues-Under-The-Sea motif from to the following cover, and see if you agree with me. Would you be shocked to hear the artist same artist, Joachim Luetke, designed both?



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