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July 6th, 2010

Photos + Live: Throats, Lavotchkin and The James Cleaver Quintet @ Brighton Pav Tav – 29 June 2010

A whole lot of loud fucking noise came to Brighton last week – so we made sure our man beside the seaside, Andy Parker, was on hand to document the carnage as it unfolded.

Opening act, Let’s Talk Daggers, initialy come off as incoherent, mainly as it isn’t until a few songs in that we discover that neither the mics have been switched on, nor that the bassplayer doesn’t know what ‘in tune’ means. To a degree, this suits their irrational spazzcore musings, as their non-chalent approach allows the Eastbourne outfit to rumble through a relatively short set, even if they appear uncomfortable throughout. There are endless silences between tracks, and for a trio they seem somewhat disconnect from one another as the two not bound to the stage by a drumkit spend little time near one another…

Let’s Talk Daggers @ Brighton Pav Tav photo gallery courtesy of Andy Parker.

The James Cleaver Quintet, or more simply known as The JCQ, bring the sweatbox up a notch. Resembling something akin to new wave punk after The 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster have been hitting it with a brick, The JCQ display a diverse arsenal, switching between shuddering physcobilly/indie numbers to Blood Brother twinged indie/screamo – they really are mongrel breed that has to be adorned like a fucked up bullstaffterrier. Bassist Jimmy Diego and guitarist Maud E Licious spread themselves across the dance floor, flinging bodies, instruments and hair obscured faces back and forth through catchy ass numbers ‘Throne To The Lines’, and future single ‘I Do, You Do, We Do Voodoo’, both from debut EP, Ten Stages Of A Make Up. Vocalist Jack Swagger careers through the crowd and surrounding furniture, ending the night half way through a bar stool, heaped on the floor surrounded by stale booze and the feet of the gathered onlookers.

The James Cleaver Quintet @ Brighton Pav Tav photo gallery courtesy of Andy Parker.

Every once in a while you hear a name banded around for a long time, but somehow fail to investigate further. Lavotchkin make me regret not looking harder. It’s Hardcore meets Metal, an oh so tired formula for some, but when it’s done so right, and oh so well you cannot fault it. Lavotchkin are solid, wavering between straight up grizzly sounds chug to bombastic breaks. Their performance is explosive and tracks from their recent release Widow Country, particularly the title track, provide Throats with a strong platform to launch from.

Lavotchkin @ Brighton Pav Tav photo gallery courtesy of Andy Parker.

Hotly tipped for some time now and in recent months starting to pick up serious momentum, Throats are continually being touted (by me in part) as the future of British metal. Over recent years they’ve certainly put in the hard work, with numerous splits alongside the likes of Maths and the_Network, plus a debut full-length of their own on Holy Roar Records, have proven their worth and seen them working their way up the tour chain, most notably supporting Narrows around the UK earlier this year.

Perhaps it’s being in the headline position tonight that allows Throats to not have to go straight for… the ….errr…. juggular of the punters? Instead they’re able to intersperse more melodic tracks from their diverse catalogue with their more aggressive numbers.

The comparisons people have been making between the band to Converge are tired, and quite often inaccurate. For me Throats reflect more on artists such as Agrophobic Nosebleed and Today Is The Day, there’s a more artistic approach to their delivery – abstract, but understated. Under the high volumes and over-distorted guitars are cleverly constructed melodies and passages that flow and merge with finesse. This is exemplified in extended closer, ‘Deathnaps’. The drawn-out build wavers before dropping into heavytown, occassionally letting go of the throttle before hitting the killswitch in a battery of noise. Crushing.

Throats @ Brighton Pav Tav photo gallery courtesy of Andy Parker.


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