Thrash Hits

July 18th, 2010

Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Poison The Well

Since Poison The Well announced they were going on hiatus earlier this week, we’ve been hitting their back catalogue pretty hard in a feckless display of audio-mourning. We figured you might as well join us, so we’ve knocked up a Poison The Well-themed Slaylist so you can share our despair.

We didn’t limit ourselves to just Poison The Well track though. Oh no. We scoured Spotify for the various side-projects of the current and (many) ex-members of the Florida post-hardcore mob, and were surprised to see a fair few of them have snuck into Spotify’s catalogue. Keepsake, As Friends Rust, Morning Again, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Curl Up and Die….

ALSO: Spotify is once again open to everyone for free – you don’t need an invite or anything. Okay, so they’ve changed the terms and conditions a little bit so now you can only listen to 20 hours of music a month if you’re not willing to cough up at least a fiver, but that’s more than enough time to wrap your ears around our weekly Slaylists. Get in!

Listen to our Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Poison The Well

Watch the video to ‘Exist Underground’ by Poison The Well:

We’ve been pretty slack about Slaylists recently. Mainly because it’s the summer and we’re too busy lounging about in pub gardens drinking over-priced beer. What should next week’s Slaylist be about?