Thrash Hits

July 13th, 2010

Video: Iron Maiden take it to ‘The Final Frontier’

Yes, we’ll take any excuse to re-use the worst bit of photoshopping we’ve done all year – Iron Maiden have released the video to ‘The Final Frontier’, the first “single” and title-track from their forthcoming 15th studio album.

Now opinions of ‘El Dorado’, the free download Iron Maiden gave away last month and most people’s first taste of the new album, were pretty much split down the middle. People weren’t loving it, but then again they weren’t exactly hating it either. And to be perfectly honest, even after giving the new track a fair few listens, we’re not sure if it’s going to change anyone’s opinion much either way.

Watch the video to ‘The Final Frontier’ by Iron Maiden:

Now, for reasons we’re still not quite sure about, after about our fourth listen to ‘The Final Frontier’, we inexplicably found ourselves humming along to a different tune entirely. Is it because even as children, we were instinctively drawn to all things metal, and what could be more metal than big fuck-off robots blowing each other up? Is this latent obsession with big robots fucking shit leaking into our conscious adult minds? Please can someone assure us that it’s not just us that’s feeling this?



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