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August 10th, 2010

Bleeding Through swap metalcore for metal core exercises?

It appears that Bleeding Through isn’t quite paying the bills because hunky singer, Brandan Schieppati has gone all social media with his Rise Above Fitness personal trainer scheme by putting a fitness regime online. The only evidence of any of this, however, is on Facebook so it might all be total (medicine) balls.

There are a few nuggets of badly punctuated information on the Rise Above Fitness Facebook page and here is everything:

Rise Above fitness was founded by Brandan Schieppati in 2010 in Orange County California. Brandan’s Passion for fitness and “whatever it takes” mentality as well as creative and unconventional fitness programs will help you rise above your goals.

Company Overview: Encompassing mulitiple strength training methods to help clients surpass their maximum potential. All training done by Brandan Schieppati

Mission: To inspire and change peoples lives by promoting a rise above attitude and lifestyle.

Products: personalized training programs, Fitness evaluation and nutritional advice.

The Straight Edge Orange County hardcore superstar released the first – and so far only – task on 05 August which mainly is stuff that we used to do in school PE lessons when we were 10. It’s not the most br00dle thing ever but if it helps us to get as tonk as Brandan does in that photo up there…

Rise Above Fitness todays challenge/ 20 push-ups, 20 jump squats, 20 sit-ups. do this with out rest 5 times and time yourself you should be under 10 minutes.

There is a website domain registered at but there’s only a holding page with crappy adverts on it. It doesn’t look like a very well thought out business yet but we agree with the chap on Facebook. It was the jump squats that did us in.

Random fact: Once, Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats told us how while on tour with Bleeding Through, Brandan Scieppati gave him advice on how to get crowds going. What was the advice? Swear a lot and never ask the crowd to do something. Tell them.

Yep, this is an article about Bleeding Through which doesn’t expressly focus on how hot Marta is. Not even gonna put a photo in of her looking awesome. Nope. Sorry.



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