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September 27th, 2010

Album: Cataract – Killing The Eternal

Killing The Eternal
Metal Blade Records
27 September 2010

by Tom Dare

If you are a massive fan of Hatebreed – or any band in that vein – and desperate for more of that kind of music, you may want to skip to the first paragraph after the jump: the rest of this review may put you off a record you will probably enjoy. For the rest of you, what you need to know is how long it has taken to work out what to say about Cataract’s latest effort Killing The Eternal

Usually this means apathy towards the subject, but in this case it is more ambivalence – sometimes this feels like a great record, others rather dramatically less so. All the essential ingredients of that brand of in-your-face aggressive hardcore fortified with metal that Jamey Jasta’s crew specialise in are here. The guitars chug away, full of stomp and swagger while the vocals roar and make you want to smash shit up with anything to hand. The band are experienced enough to be able to put that all together into songs – and crucially where to put the requisite breakdowns so that they actually add something, rather than to sound like they are covering a lack of ideas. If you are looking for something along these lines, it would be highly surprising if you didn’t greatly enjoy Killing The Eternal. Those people who skipped here from the start may now want to skip to the end and mentally add 1/6 to the score.

In light of all that, there is obviously a substantial “but” coming. Everything is rather well done, but at some points, something feels slightly awry. Things can and do sound exactly like they should – abrasive, confrontational and generally feeling like the band have their chests puffed out – but there is the vague feeling that this is unlikely to be still on the stereo in six months time. It fails to move beyond being a good metallic hardcore record and become something more.

Watch a dinky little trailed for ‘Reap The Outcasts” by Cataract here:

There are no genuine flaws, but likewise there are not quite enough instantly memorable moments. But like Parkway Drive and Bonded By Blood (to name two rather different examples), Cataract have written a record that will please those searching for their sound, rather than one that appeals more broadly or is likely to rope in an army of new fans.

The riffs fall just a touch short of standing out individually, the hooks within the coarse vocals do not quite elicit enough of an urge to shout along and the record begins to drag a little by the end, despite a modest 45 minute running time. Crucially, it is falls under the dreaded description of “generic”. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, it limits the enjoyment more than it perhaps should. When you do not listen too closely, these issues are less noticeable and there is plenty of angry fun to be had – the flaws are revealed on careful scrutiny rather than casual listens.


Sounds like: Hatebreed, Chimaira
Top tracks:
Never, Reap The Outcasts, Failed

Cataract – Killing The Eternal tracklisting:
Lost Souls
Reap The Outcasts
Killing The Eternal
Urban Waste
Mankind’s Burden
Hollow Steps
Drain, Murder And Loss
The Faith You Have Misused
Black Ash
Spawned By Illusions
Allegory To A Dying World



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