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September 16th, 2010

EP: Triptykon – Shatter

Century Media Records
25 October 2010

by Tom Dare

Even geniuses make mistakes. Even guitar gods occasionally fluff a riff. Even musicians as accomplished and influential as Tom G Warrior will release weak records (Cold Lake, anyone?).  With this year’s Eparistera Daimones a towering masterpiece of darkness and misery, when we heard an EP was in the works within months, we worried that it would simply be the off-cuts that didn’t make the grade. But when the grade is set by Eparistera Daimones, the off-cuts can end up being tastier than most bands’ prime fillets.

The ultimate demise of Celtic Frost led to the Tom G Warrior to found Triptykon, and putting all our fears to rest by releasing one of the very best records of his career – if you’ve not yet heard Triptykon’s first release Eparistera Daimones, stop what you are doing right fucking now and go and listen to it. If you have even the most passing interest in evil-sounding music, you want that in your life.

While ‘Shatter’ may have been the bonus track on the Japanese release, in truth a leviathan of a record like Eparistera Daimones had its own form that does not suit tacking more music on the end. And at 72 minutes long, it’s long enough already. The three studio tracks did not fit the full length – not because they aren’t good (they are, and then some) but because they would be a touch out of kilter. ‘Shatter’ blends the trademark Tom G evil guitar tone with crushing doom, just as the album did, but the haunting female vocals that shone on ‘My Pain’ mix with Warrior’s tortured growl beautifully. In fact it would probably would not have been remotely out of place on the album proper, but simply did not slot in anywhere that would have made sense to the flow of the record.

I Am The Twilight’ is a slightly different story, bringing in even more of the noise that was more a mark of Frost’s swansong Monotheist than is present in Triptykon, before returning to the style of Eparistera…. ‘Crucifixus’, a rerecord of an original Triptykon demo track, goes even further down the noise route – like ‘Totengott’ without the vocals, and with a feel that is rooted more misery than outright evil. If anything, Tom G Warrior is pushing the boundaries even further, perhaps hinting that there is a definite direction ahead for Triptykon in future material.

Watch Tom G Warrior talking about Triptykon:

The last two tracks are live versions of classic Celtic Frost tracks, ‘Circle Of The Tyrants’ from To Mega Therion and ‘Dethroned Emperor’ from Morbid Tales, the latter featuring none other than Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone fame. And yes, of course it’s fucking awesome, even if it whets your appetite for some Triptykon shows in the UK more than anything else.

If you haven’t heard Eparistera Daimones yet, correct this egregious error immediately. If you’ve been playing that to death for months and want more, Shatter should go some way to providing a stop-gap. In this kind of form, Triptykon cannot get back in the studio for another album soon enough – although not until we’ve had a tour come here first, obviously.


Sounds like: Celtic Frost, surprisingly- only more experimental and progressive
Top tracks: Shatter, Crucifixus

Triptykon- Shatter EP tracklisting:
I Am The Twilight
Circle Of The Tyrants (live)
Dethroned Emperor (live)



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