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September 24th, 2010

Live Evil Festival: it’s almost TOO metal

You know sometimes something comes along that is so inherently metal, right down in its bones and blood and balls, that I feel inadequate even writing about it? Well, that’s how I feel about next months inaugural Live Evil Festival. It’s so damn heavy I think it might just drag The Underworld in Camden literally down into Hell,.

The brainchild of promoters Tails of Beasts and Skill Wizard (who’ll you’ll have heard us bigging up from time to time), every band booked on the Live Evil bill has previously been featured as a Band of the Week on the MySpace blog of Black Metal legend, Fenriz. Which makes Live Evil a metal festival curated by arguably the tr00est, kvltest, grimmest bastard still making music in Scandanavia. That, my friends, is how you make a festival metal.

Of course, the infamously reclusive Fenriz isn’t playing – hell, he’s not even going to turn up and watch – but then again Fenriz doesn’t leave his cave (aka, his pokey Oslo flat, as anyone that’s seen Until The Light Takes Us can testify) for very much. Indeed, although he’s given the festival his blessing, the man himself has been typically tight-lipped about it:

Something CAN actually come out of pure uncorrupt underground idealism if one does it long enough.

Ahhhh, what does he know. He only founded some band or another called ‘Darkthrone‘.

And we’re not exaggerating when we say this badboy pushes the envelope as being Pretty Fucking Metal. Despite being an independent event, the names – there are bands coming in from Brazil, Norway, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Italy, USA to everyone’s favourite dirty Camden basement. Among the bands bringing the metal to the Underworld on October 23 and 24 will are Angelwitch, Hooded Menace, Ghost, Grave Desecrator, Deathhammer, Vulcano, Obliteration, Speedtrap, Ramesses, Diskord, Körgull The Exterminator, Sonic Ritual, Salute, Children Of Technology, Occvlta and Natur. We don’t know whether to cack out pants in fear or in excitement.

Tickets are available for the ludicrously low price of £30 for a weekend ticket, or £20 for a day ticket. Yeah, there’s the usual fees and all the other bullshit that ticket companies like to stack on your of your purchases too – click here once you’ve got your wallet to hand. Make sure you save a few quid for the actual festival though – in addition to beer money, you’ll need to hold a few notes back for – amongst other things – the zine and the limited-edition 12” gatefold vinyl that Live Evil are planning  be putting out to mark the occasion. Sweet.



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