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September 23rd, 2010

MOVIE TIP: Andrew W.K. on Harry Potter and date movies

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Last week Andrew W.K shared his thoughts on The Twilight Saga and his recurring doubts about the true ages of child actors. One of the child actors in question was Emma Watson. She is Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. It just so happens that Andrew is a fan of the Hogwarts crew. He chats about that today. And, totally unrelated to Emma Watson, he talks about dating. Totally unrelated. (She is hot.)

Favourite Date Movies as a Teenager

“I actually didn’t like to go see romantic movies on dates. For me it was uncomfortable a lot of the time, especially in the younger years. Back when I was starting to date, the idea of sitting in a movie where there might be a lot of talk about sex or even actual sex scenes it might have been a little uncomfortable at that younger age of 14 or 15 – especially with someone you might not have even barely met or spent any time with.

“Later on I started going to see more fantasy movies. Harry Potter is a great date movie and so is the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. There’s still romance and there is still very passionate feeling but they’re not putting too much energy in actual sex scenes or sexual conversation. Comedies could be great movies because they’re light and they’re entertaining and they’re fun loving but often, especially in more recent years there’s even more sex, and talk of sex that cold be a little uncomfortable or awkward.

“If you’re with a big group of friends, or double date then you can laugh more easily but I think fantasy, action or thrillers are better but even thrillers have a lot of sex in them. I remember this from watching movies with my parents when nobody was expecting it and I had to cover my eyes and ears or put my head under my shirt because there was just so much sensory input. I just felt really weird seeing that stuff in front of my mum. It’s odd because that’s obviously how I and everyone else was created. It’s just one of those things you work up to in life but even now. Even now I would not watch a Judd Apatow film with my mum. I think it’s just out of respect.”

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter franchise?

“Yesterday, there was a Harry Potter film on cable that I didn’t think I’d seen yet – I thought I’d seen all of them multiple times – but then I realised that I had seen it but just somehow hadn’t remembered the scene. I like all of them. As they continue, I prefer them because they have that much bigger a budget to work with and I actually prefer the actors as they get older. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just better. They own these characters so completely, having performed them and lived them for years. To see them grow up and to see them evolve as a performer specifically playing this character – you don’t get to see that. There are very few franchises where that many films are made that you can get that many performances out of an ensemble cast. I just love seeing them still together.

“I really, really, really enjoy the movies a lot. I think they’re great. I like the atmosphere that they create. I think that’s what a lot of young people are getting out of the movies. You really do feel like you’re there; like you’re in that school. As much as the movie is obviously fantasy in terms of the storylines and the monsters and the magical properties, I think its also that feeling of being away at the school where all the other special kids are and imagine how cool it would be to have a room with a fireplace in it, to live in that castle. I love the fantasy also and that type of fantasy still appeals to me even though I’m a bit older than the idealised audience. I think everyone can have fun with that type of movie.”

Next week, Andrew will be discussing the prospect of his own life on the silver screen and indeed acting in films himself, but read the previous columns in the meantime if you haven’t already – week 1 and week 2. Or you can still ask Andrew WK your questions about movies in a comment below or you can always email your question to…

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