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September 8th, 2010

MOVIE TIP: Andrew W.K. on hot actresses and Team Edward vs Team Jacob

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A couple of months ago we asked you to put your questions forward to Andrew W.K. and you answered in your droves. We sat down for a super long chat with the ‘Party Til You Puke’ star in order to ask all of them and more, lots more. We thought we’d start with an easy one…

What is your favourite film of all time?

“I don’t pick favourites. It’s unnecessary to me and painful. I usually give examples of picking your best friend or favourite family member but it’s different to that because the arts… it’s all there to be enjoyed. I have many favourite movies. If I was to pick one and the others were lowered to a lesser level then it’s very hard; it’s very stressful.”

What films have you been watching recently?

“Now we’re on tour we have satellite TV so we have all these movie channels that I wouldn’t normally have access to. I’ve watch Jennifer’s Body recently but the last film I watched was Funny People. I’ve tried to watch it many times but never actually managed it. You know what? I’m not sure I managed to finish it this time! It’s a very long movie or at least felt very long. We’ve been watching so much but the tricky thing on tour is only having an hour or two free to watch and finish a movie.”

Do you know any famous actors?

“I’ve never really made an effort to go down that traditional Hollywood socialising thing. In New York there are definitely a lot of actors living there – a lot of very famous Hollywood actors live there and love it – but it doesn’t revolve around it. Hollywood is all different types of showbusiness with all sorts of things going on.

“I would consider myself a relatively shy person and I don’t really like socialising so much especially with people I haven’t met. I would rather go out and walk down the sidewalk or hang out with friends or go to a dinner but I’m certainly open to meeting people. I just haven’t lived that life. I have friends who have lived that life where one day theyre hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and the next day they’re with Kid Rock and it sounds very fun in one way but there are just so many ways to spend your time and it’s just not something I’ve really done yet.

“I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about Hollywood people but everyone I’ve met has been fantastic. Sometimes they can be an unusual person but no more unusual than me. You’re choosing to spend your life doing something that is a little bit odd.”

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Who’s hotter? Cameron Diaz in The Mask or Megan Fox in Transformers?

“The Mask, I enjoyed a lot – that was a special effects breakthrough movie, for me at least – but I’ve always preferred brunettes. It’s case by case. I don’t look down the street and think, “These are all blonde women, I don’t like them – they’re not my type.” It’s just that in terms of the way my body feels when I look at those women. Cameron Diaz is unbelievably beautiful and very, very pretty but to me it’s just Megan Fox, hands down, without even a hesitation.

“Always her over Cameron Diaz because she has a command with her own self that is rare for any actor or actress to have. She was in Jennifer’s Body and then she was also in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People which I’ve seen many times. That features another beautiful actress who is blonde, Kirsten Dunst, but Megan Fox was born to be doing exactly what she’s doing and she realises that and that’s the combination that’s rare.

“It’s different to a fashion model because they’re usually working in just print or photos. When an actress can communicate beauty and excitement in a focussed way where you can tell she’s enjoying doing that, it’s just a whole new type of performance, and she was born to do it. It’s a great pleasure that brings joy to world. And she brings joy to me.”

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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

“That’s a very good question. My brother just married and his wife is obsessed with Edward and almost as a way to balance out the house my brother said, “Ok, I’m going to be on Team Jacob.” At first she was really upset about that because she thought her husband should be alongside her but now when it comes to Twilight he was just so sick of the obsession that he had to pick Jacob to balance things back out.

“They’re both great performers, they both have really intense faces and they’re really intense to watch on screen. I would probably prefer to hang out with Jacob because he seems a little less severe and a little less dramatic as a guy – he’d be a little more enjoyable to hang out with. Then again, Edward has this wisdom and knowledge from being however many hundreds of years old he is and he has this beautiful twinkling skin. It’s a hard call. I want to be on Team Bella, to be honest.”

There’s going to be much more on Twilight next week but you can still ask Andrew WK your questions about movies in a comment below or you can always email your question to…



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