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September 14th, 2010

We always thought The Blackout were shit but now we think they’re wankers too

The nicest thing I’ve heard anyone say about The Blackout’s music is, “But… they’re lovely boys?” and, “It’s o…k.” This meant that instead of actively publicising the fact that we think their derivative emo drivel is a scourge on society that even The Hoosiers cannot compete with, we just said nothing.


They’re now offering their fans the chance to sell their merch, eat Christmas dinner with them and play XBox with them. However, their fans will have to pay for the pleasure. Yes. Their fans can pay to work for The Blackout.

Yeah, sure, stuff like original signed artwork (£75), a pair of VIP passes (£80) and the chance to actually sing gang vocals (with at least 9 other people) on their next album (£150) are justifiable value for absolute superfans. However, there is umbrage to be taken at the following:

  • Play XBox with The Blackout (£30) – We play golf on the XBox with Vernon Kaye all the time for FREE.
  • Christmas dinner with The Blackout (£150) – Does that include dinner? DOUBTFUL!
  • Be a Roadie for the day (£200) – NOTE: this is not how much they are paying you, this is how much you are paying them.
  • Spend a day at Thorpe Park with The Blackout (£100) – Bet they’ll allow you to pay for their tickets as well.
  • Sell merch for a day (£75) – See: Be a Roadie for the day
  • DJ set at your party (£500) – We are clearly not charging enough for the Thrash Hits Megamix!

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In all seriousness, we’re seriously thinking about paying £150 to carry all their equipment around for them for a day. #SRSLY


Listen to The Blackout absolutely demolishing an already shit song

You can also buy one of their smashed guitars for £200.

On a similar note, we share boxer shorts at Thrash Hits HQ and the crotch of our very last pair ripped last Thursday after a terrible evening in the Crobar. It’s yours for a tenner. We can’t afford washing powder so it’s got some authentic Thrash Hits Shit smeared along the back of the gusset.


  • I would happily take a crowbar to the face of every member of the Blackout before pissing on their fashionable haircuts.

    • tessariotsquad

      bet you’ve never even met them. DIAF.

      • Luckily for me, I’ve not met them. In fact, let me change that. Luckily for them, I’ve not met them.

      • Dano

        I stole merch. Winn0r.

      • Blackout merch? Surely then you’d have Blackout merch. I can’t see how this could in any way be classed as a victory.

      • Dano

        Because it now means they don’t have it. They did send me an invoice…

      • Shit on it, return it in the post to them with a not saying “My donation”.

    • tessariotsquad

      bet you’ve never even met them. DIAF.

    • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

      i would happily take a crowbar to your face before taking a crowbar to the arse that wrote this face. GET. A. LIFE. DICK 🙂 that’ll be all bye bye

      • Where to begin? “arse that wrote this face”? I’m almost certain this was written past your bedtime so why don’t you put your crayons away.

      • . The Blackout a lovely people. If you don’t like them keep it to yourselves, if you don’t have the balls to actually do something rather than talk shit over the internet just shut the fuck up. They’re giving fans a chance to get closer to them, what other bands do this? Money is going to charity and the fans are helping musicians they like, make music.

  • Anonymous

    Whilst it may seem outlandish, I would consider the stance when so many publications reap the benefits of other peoples hard work. Sometimes, it’s the same as paying to work.

    Is it really all that different to most fan clubs? I don’t think it is. I know people who used to pay a oner just to get the box from Metallica every year, even when it was shit.

    • Anonymous

      There are a lot of internships where people pay potentially hundreds of pounds to work for a magazine, radio station tv and so on.

      I seriously don’t see it as being all that different to paying £100.00 to be a roadie for the day for the ‘experience’.

      • Anonymous

        Just thought of another example.

        Before he decided to play pill popping games.

        Tickets for Michael Jacksons residency at O2 had mixed pricing plans.

        Some people could pay £1000,00 for an experience day.
        They had a champagne dinner on a boat on thames were collected by limo to be taken to the venue, were give VVIP access and got 10 minutes meet and greet with the man himself.

        Honestly, tell me. Any different?


        Perhaps someone should write something about the Throats Gold club.

      • Raz

        Never realised you were such a massive Blackout fan!

      • Anonymous

        I secretly run all the street teams in the world for every band.
        What can I say, I am a marketing whore.

      • Stevierotterdam

        Nah, no different.

        Everyone with any sense knew Michael Jackson was a wanker too.


      • metamagical

        I don’t see how this is any worse than Vincent Gallo selling his own sperm for $1 million. I also don’t see how it is any better than Vincent Gallo selling his own sperm for $1 million.

      • Anonymous

        we can buy celebrity juice!!?

        We best get Keith Lemon on this!

      • Louise

        You don’t PAY to do an internship, you generally get transport costs covered, and you tend to actually get something out of it.

        You’re an idiot.

      • Anonymous

        When I was a young adult, I did 3 internships. MTV, Spin, NME
        None of them paid anything at all.

        You get out of anything what you put in Louise.

        I may be dumb, but I’m not a dweeb

      • Louise

        Exactly, you don’t get paid, but you also don’t pay them to take you on. When I said you get something out of it, I didn’t mean money. I mean you learn stuff, unless you’re a complete time-waster. You do indeed get out what you put in. Apart from money.

        My point was that you’re not going to get anything out of paying to work for the Blackout, other than the knowledge that everyone thinks you’re a complete mug for doing it.

      • Louise

        Exactly, you don’t get paid, but you also don’t pay them to take you on. When I said you get something out of it, I didn’t mean money. I mean you learn stuff, unless you’re a complete time-waster. You do indeed get out what you put in. Apart from money.

        My point was that you’re not going to get anything out of paying to work for the Blackout, other than the knowledge that everyone thinks you’re a complete mug for doing it.

      • Sheer Music

        I run a venue, your all more than welcome to come and set up bands gear, every show I do, “for the experience” It’ll cost very little – I also have a bar to run, which you can work “for the experience” again I won’t charge much, and my toilets need cleaning “for the experience, you can do that for free ;-).

        In fact, all of you, drop into any of your local venues and offer to pay to work or even for free, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

  • Amy
    • Raz

      This is remarkably topical isn’t it.

  • I am glad to see that PledgeMusic is receiving some attention even if our artist’s choice of incentives doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some will love them, some will hate them, all of them help towards making their album come to fruition for their fans, and not for those who think they’re shit.

    If there are bands out there that think they can do better, and interact with their fans in more interesting ways than The Blackout have chosen to, we’d love to hear from them.

    I am one of the core developers of PledgeMusic so I am biased, my own personal choice would be to see some Grindcore, and maybe even convincing Lawnmower Deth to come out of retirement for that live DVD.

    • Raz

      Absolutely not got a problem with PledgeMusic, Rob. In fact, I think it’s a fantastic way for bands to work and has worked incredibly well for a couple of friends’ bands (iLikeTrains, For A Minor Reflection) but I think The Blackout show their fans a total lack of respect with some of their ‘offers’.

      According to that poll, 90% of people agree with me in some fashion. Judging by the lack of abuse so far, however, it seems this post hasn’t reached the Blackout’s message boards yet. Can’t wait.

      • Guest

        Think about it. 90% of the people in the poll HAVE to agree with you, because you gave a biased set of answers to choose from.

        You’ve never met The Blackout so you have no right to judge their decisions. So, their music isn’t to your tastes. Fine, you can’t please everyone. But these are six men that have proved the lengths they will go to, to stick up for their fans, and their fans will do the same for them.

        Pledge is a great way for bands to make money in times where it gets harder and harder to do so. Not to mention it doesn’t ALL go to them. Selling their merch and being their roadie gives fans a chance to work for a band that they look up to. A lot of kids will jump at the chance to do that.

        You might not like them and you might think of them as wankers, but take it from the people who have actually given them a chance, with an open mind, and taken the time to interact with them, they’re not. And let’s be honest, most of the people on this page now had never even heard of this website/”journalist” before this whole debate came about. You should be thanking them.

      • Certainly some interesting and healthy debate, the warring fans are defending to the death 🙂

    • I’d pay to be Lawnmower Deths roadie for the day, though we did use to buy them many a pre and post gig drinkie in the days before they were a Download band!!!

  • charlotte

    they have only done this because theyre currently having difficulties finding money to produce their new album as they are between labels, so think twice before posting such shit.

  • Anon

    10% goes to charity AND it’s purely up to fans if they want to pay. The band have been thanking all their fans for the smallest pledges and have made it perfectly clear that there is no pressure to pledge. Find an actual story to report on.

  • tessariotsquad

    GO FUCK YOURSELVES. lolll, you realise you’re gonna get a load of hate now.
    FUCK YOU the blackout are my favourite band, and yes i will do anything to defend them.

    • Olivia

      how did you feel when you realised you were a disappointment to your parents?

      • Htp How

        How did you feel when you realised you were adopted?

      • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

        im guessing the same way you felt?? jog on.

  • Anon

    It’s not really different from any other bands is it though, let’s not forget the ridiculous prices 30stm wanted to charge thief fans just to stand at the side of a gig. At least some money goes to charity

  • tessariotsquad

    did my comment get deleted? oh. lol. can’t take it now can we?

    • Avangelist

      I just remembered that I paid a small amount, nothing to shout about to get the last Abominable Iron Sloth recorded.

      • So did I, fucking love that album.

  • Megnmog94

    Not even the courage to post the author?
    Have fun being dickheads.

  • Aiehiiajyij

    The Blackout are some of the nicest people to walk the Earth. 10% of all money raised goes to charity, and they’re giving people the change to experience things fans wouldn’t have otherwise. When’s the last time you hung out with your favourite band for the day?
    Some giant bands, such as 30STM, charge extortionate rates for fans to get a goodie bag. Bands like these are multi-million corporations and exploit their fans’ loyalty by charging obscene amounts to fund their new house or something. The Blackout aren’t such a corporation. They’re just 6 guys trying to fund a new album, and giving fans unforgettable experiences as a thank you.
    Lay off, and don’t slag off people you’ve never met.

  • Chaz

    look mate, people are going to defend their favourite band for everything whether you like it or not and by actually posing this you’ve just entered a fucking warzone, sorry but it’s true. where the blackout might not be to your musical taste, they are to others. get the fuck over it.

  • Anon

    The Blackout are neither shit nor wankers.
    Your argument is invalid.

  • Anon

    If you knew anything about the background of the cause behind the pledgemusic project, you’d know that it’s not at all what you’re portraying it to be. Your biased writing is totally missing the point of the project.
    The project is to help fund the new album, along with 10% of all the pledges going to the Teenage Cancer Trust Wales. God, what wankers, donating to charity. God, what immoral bastard does that?!
    The new album side of things is based on the fact that they’re currently between 2 labels, and therefore can’t afford to even make the new album, (no, they’re not as rich as you’re portraying them to be, like some greedy wankers preying on kids for money).
    Lastly, all the people who pledge are people who WILLINGLY pledge. No The Blackout fan HAS to pledge, personally, I haven’t, I can’t really afford it, but if i could, i would. Without any doubt. They’re offering fans the chance to do crazy things with the band. And also, let’s not forget general band fan clubs, who you pay money to, to meet the band for 10 minutes, in a fleeting visit with about 50 other people, they don’t want to do that, hence why they decided to do pledgemusic instead.
    Now, PLEASE research into things before you decide to get in way over your head with arguments you don’t understand.
    And actually, “Thrash Hits, you are wankers lol they are my fave band lol “. (no-one says lol that much. Get a grip.)

  • Jessica.

    Die in a fucking fire. You obviously know nothing about The Blackout or their fans. Youre just some fucking LOSER whos opinion, none one gives an utter shit about. Now, when you actually give their AMAZING music a listen, when you meet them, and when you understand every fucking thing they do for us, their fans, thats when youre opinion is valid. Until then i would like to insert here a tumblr meme in which it says “SEAN SMITH IS DRESSED AS A TRANSFORMER, YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID”
    Have a wonderful day sir.

    • Olivia

      you should go into stand up

  • Cheri

    Wow. Aren’t you mature. Bet you’ve never met any member of the band have you? Grow up sweet heart. Yes i’m talking to the person who wrote this. Not any of you so called music fans down there. So none of you need to feel the need to reply to this cause I won’t reply to you (Y)

  • Kai

    Are you actually being serious? I’m not one of those retarded “OH MA DAIZ YOUR JUZT JELUS” people.
    I’m mature about it.
    Yes. The Blackout are one of my favourite bands. No, I don’t think they are “the best band inte world” I just apreciate good music.
    And everything written there are not valid points on saying they’re a shit band.
    Did it say anything about their actual music? No.
    Did it say anything about the lyrics? No.
    And how the hell do you know they weren’t joking around on saying they had to pay about that stuff?
    How do you know they might give the money to charity? Or to a good cause.

    And did it ever occur to you that maybe… Us fans migh be willing to pay that?
    So don’t talk shit about talented bands until you know the facts.

    And just for the record they care about their fans and is probably one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet.
    So you can fuck off with your “gossip” and take it over to Justin Bieber.
    Thank you, Kai.

  • Kai

    Are you actually being serious? I’m not one of those retarded “OH MA DAIZ YOUR JUZT JELUS” people.
    I’m mature about it.
    Yes. The Blackout are one of my favourite bands. No, I don’t think they are “the best band inte world” I just apreciate good music.
    And everything written there are not valid points on saying they’re a shit band.
    Did it say anything about their actual music? No.
    Did it say anything about the lyrics? No.
    And how the hell do you know they weren’t joking around on saying they had to pay about that stuff?
    How do you know they might give the money to charity? Or to a good cause.

    And did it ever occur to you that maybe… Us fans migh be willing to pay that?
    So don’t talk shit about talented bands until you know the facts.

    And just for the record they care about their fans and is probably one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet.
    So you can fuck off with your “gossip” and take it over to Justin Bieber.
    Thank you, Kai.

  • Anon.

    Get a grip, they’re not keeping this money for themselves, a lot of it gos towards kids with fucking cancer you ignorant twats. Before you make such a ridiculous article maybe you should try researching before posting this crap.

  • Anon.

    Get a grip, they’re not keeping this money for themselves, a lot of it gos towards kids with fucking cancer you ignorant twats. Before you make such a ridiculous article maybe you should try researching before posting this crap.

  • STFU

    I really hate the people who post stuff on this website. You my friend are a wanker. Stop haring on great bands, they are not forcing people to buy this stuff you know, I went for the simple option and got a signed CD for £15. Just they are not “METALZ D00DZ” does not make them shit and certainly not wankers. Everyone masturbates, I do, my friends do and you most certainly do. Start writing about what you are supposed to be writing about: positive stuff.

    • Josh

      This is quite clearly the greatest comment ever posted. The internet is finished, we can all go home.


    You really made a mistake choosing to give The Blackout hate. They have an amaaazing fan base who would do anything for the band. I know I would and I’d definitely have pledged more if I’d had that kinda money

    • Josh

      lol angry emos…everyone knows theyre no real threat

  • everyone is intittled to an opinion, but not when it’s as harsh as this. i love the blackout, i love theyre music. you’ve never met them, so before you go accusing, talk it out with them then maybe they could tell you why they’re doing it. 10% goes to a charity and people are paying for this because we love the blackout.

  • Anonymous

    fuck off and do your research before you start saying shit about a band.
    ignorant wankers

  • _medicate

    What is it to you that The Blackout are doing things for the people that help them do what they love?

    We pay, what £30. And what do we get in return? An unforgettable experience and a new album from our favourite band.
    Hardly a price is it?

    How much would you pay to be on a band like Mettalica’s album eh? I guess it’d be a darn site more than £150.

    Considering you’re a “music website” (Fake or not) you shouldn’t post stuff like this where they and their fans can see it.

    You’re blatently jealous that more people have heard of The Blackout than You ever been on mainstage at Download? Are you currently supporting LIMP BIZKIT across Europe? no… well pipe down then.

    Peace out snakebitches.

    • Anonymous

      People actually boast about having anything to do with LIMP BIZKIT now? Man, things have changed a lot since my day…

  • Guest

    Giving money to charity…yeah, they’re SUCH wankers.

  • Safertohateher

    I’m sorry but everybody has different music tastes and The Blackout are one of those bands who you either love or hate. HOWEVER this whole article seems to be just a stab at The Blackout and all of their fans.

    Yes, I am a big fan of them, so obviously I would disagree with this article.

    I just don’t see what you’re trying to achieve with this piece of tat article…You obviously haven’t done your research into WHY they’re doing it or where the money is going.

    Also, you might want to update your picture at the top?

    Anyway, I’d like to finish by saying yes, you should expect abuse from “The Blackout’s Message Boards” because you come across as a bit of a twat.

    Seems like a big personal dig at them if you ask me.
    Get a life and do some REAL music journalism.

    Your twitter bio says it all really:
    “I’m a fake music journalist who mainly talks about football and food.”

    • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

      to fucking right they should stick to football and food! aresholes!

  • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

    I’d just like to say for all blackout fans, that you are arseholes. Your so cool saying BAD things about people you’ve never met and dont even know. Atleast the blackout are giving there fans a chance to hang out with them, yeah you have to pay, but no other band would do something like that, and if they did, i bet it …would cost alot more.
    P.S: the blackout are NOT shit, and they are deffently NOT wankers. think twice next time about who’s feelings your hurting, cause alot of people love this band and by saying that about the band your saying that about us to.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like something a fan of a shit band full of wankers would say

    • ‘Your so cool’ lol

  • Jess.

    I have never, in my life, met a band as kind to their fans, they really and honestly do care about us, theyre giving us amazing oppertunities, that most bands wouldnt, sure we have to pay for it, but do you think its cheap to produce an album ? do you think its cheap for them to travel to play acoustic gigs people can pledge, or to travel down to thorpe park ? do you think fans might actually want this ? The only peoples opinions who are important in this matter are the fans, they after all, are the ones pledging money, theyre the ones who turn up for the shows, camp out over night, get 8 hour trains and save up for weeks, its up to them if they want to pledge money, it was never something forced on us, its a choice, The Blackout havent said if you dont pledge, youre not as good as the other fans, in fact they’re always talking about fan equality, so next time, please do some research, and maybe when you review a band, review them on their music and lyrics, rather than the wonderful oppertunities they give their fans.



  • WTFpippa

    They’re offering fans the chance to be a part of their new album… They need money, and fans are willing to pay to spend time with them.

  • Someone awesome

    You will get nowhere in life.

  • rhianna

    okay whoever wrote this article has no clue what the fuck they’re talking about clearly :’)
    i mean do your research mate.
    they did this on a website that a LOT of bands are on including names like Madina Lake and Charlie Simpson (Fightstar) and also including quite small bands as well.
    Its a website where fans can volunteer (YES VOLUNTEER. NOONE IS FORCING THEM) to pay a bit of money to have a really good time with one of their favourite bands or some really good merch from them and some proceeds go to charity ffs, how this makes them wankers i dont know and can someone please explain?
    Just because you don’t like a band doesn’t mean you should put such horrible stuff about them, because you will just piss people off, its your opinion that you don’t like their music and i can totally see why you can’t, but its not like people who do like them are wrong because it’s their musical taste. PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES.
    i mean seriously, grow up and post articles that are actually worth reading for once? because the only things ive read on this website are either you writing articles that put your heads so far up a bands arse you can still see it, or trashing a band so much just to piss off their fans.
    I think it’s a great thing they are doing.

  • <3

    Not being funny, but im pretty sure most of us, if The Blackout asked for money for nothing in return, we’d give them it without hesistation, because at the end of the day, The Blackout and their fans are a family, they give us everything, theyre there for us when no one else is, and aslong as they dont give up on me, i wont be giving up on them.

    • Anonymous

      So The Blackout are a Welsh version of Insane Clown Posse? That’s pretty funny.

  • kellyisariot

    Grow the fuck up, bro. You’ve clearly got some form of problem with The Blackout in the first place, to describe their music as “derivative emo drivel” and have clearly spent your time just WAITING for them to do something you can rip the shit out of them for. Do you know them as people? Clearly not. Do you know anything about their financial position? Clearly not.
    The Pledge is simple. Help the band IF YOU WANT TO, and be rewarded with experiences you would never otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy. Nobody is being forced to pay money that they don’t want to. 10% is going to a very worthy cause, to help people in Wales with CANCER.
    Maybe YOU don’t like The Blackout, and yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but you’ve clearly got quite a pathetic little life if you spend your time trying (and failing) to spread your negative opinion, when the only people that are going to read this are those who CARE about the band and would defend them to the death.
    Waste of your own time, mate.

  • YourMum

    The Blackout have 99 problems, but a bitch like you ain’t one 😉 Get your facts right first, ThrashHits.

  • anon

    Hundreds of bands do things like this for much more money than the blackout have asked for, its not like the fans aren’t allowed to listen to the music if they dont pay, and 10% of the money raised goes to charity too. Its the fans choice to join in with it which they’re more than happy to do to help out their favourite band and get a little something from it too.
    And to say ‘The nicest thing I’ve heard anyone say about The Blackout’s music is, “But… they’re lovely boys?” and, “It’s o…k.’ is the biggest pile of shit ever considering they have a massive fan base and I could easily find hundreds of people who adore their music.

  • D P

    I think some people haven’t read this article properly – look at what they ‘take umbridge’ with.

    I happen to know how much The Blackout charge per gig – and clearly they haven’t taken steps to plan for their future – more fool them. Less money on the haircuts maybe?

  • tessariotsquad

    feel like adding another comment, just cause i can.
    as The Blackout once said themselves, ‘i don’t care what you’re thinking, i don’t care what you’re saying…’
    LOL do you really think tbo give a craaaaaaap what you posted?
    they have more than enough fans that will love them 4EVZ and don’t need shitass dumbfuck people like YOU slagging them off. geez you coulda at least said it to their face BITCHEZ. grow a pair 😉
    p.s. fight for your right is NOT a shit song. now you’re just offending the beastie boys. GET THE FUCK OUT.
    tehehehe rant over. <3

    • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

      HAHAHAHAHA your so right!! we will love them 4EVZ! TBO FTW!!! <3

      • tessariotsquad

        riotsquad for life 😉

      • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

        Hell Fucking Yeah! 🙂

      • Anonymous


    • Olivia

      wow you are definitely a troll

  • Hello

    £35 for a thank you note?! fuck off!
    Pledge Music can be great, but paying to do merch and roadie is pretty bullshit.

    • Anon

      Then don’t pay for it. Seems pretty easy, really.

  • Haha I love this, personally I dislike their music profusely and quite frankly charging someone to roadie for them is a piss take. I don’t know who is more laughable the fans that do it or the band.

    I understand it hard to make cash as a smaller band but exploiting your fans shouldn’t be it. To be honest I think this was a risky marketing stunt by them.

    • tessariotsquad

      so now you’re offending the fans? WOAH you should not have said that man.

    • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

      some of the money goes to charity arse, the rest goes towards making the album as there between two record lables atm. i bet your fave band wouldnt be willing to give you this opp? and if they were i bet it would cost alot more.
      thats all. bu-bye.

  • Jess

    I have had just about enough of people having a go at The Blackout over this. Just because other bands are so up their own arses that they forget about the fans who made them the band they are does not make a band who genuinely care about each and every single fan and want to offer them amazing experiences wankers. If they were such wankers would they be giving money to charity? You have never met the guys so you are in no position to be slagging them off. You are a bunch of biased arseholes who have just been waiting for them to do something so you can then sit here and rip the shit out of them for it.

  • tessariotsquad

    p.p.p.s.s.s.s FUCK YOU ‘RAZ’ cuntttt.

  • Emma Swindon

    I think it is safe to say that The Blackout have the support of their fans and that is all that matters.

    There are some clearly very narrow minded people writing for this website and like others have suggested, maybe a little research is required before such articles are written. The Blackout are not the first band to have offers like this, and I dare say they won’t be the last.

    Firstly, The Blackout are, without a doubt, the nicest people I have ever met and they deserve all the success they get, they mean more to me than I could ever put into words. However, with that aside, what this ‘writer’ has failed to realise (and if ‘he’ has, then he has a funny way of showing it) is that the way we buy our music has changed dramatically in the last decade. Anyone who doesn’t realise that the way bands put out music needs to evolve with the times is, quite simply, a fool. Record labels are increasingly lacking creativity when it comes to advertising bands and a lot of the time do not know what to do with them before ploughing money into stupid endeavours and missing marketing opportunities (I’m generalising).

    The Blackout have the right to try and make their album and if people would like the opportunity to help them, then who are you to judge? Let’s remember no one is being forced to into parting with their money and fans don’t get opportunities like this every day. A friend of mine has recently purchased meet and greet tickets for Peter Andre (I’m not judging)…who is charging fans £250 for the honour of watching his sound check and spending 30 seconds meeting him. I am assuming his is not wanting for money and if he wants to put out an album I am sure money is no object. The point being, The Blackout are not the only people in the industry who are doing this and in my opinion they are doing it to put their music out, if people didn’t want to hear it, they wouldn’t pledge.

    Good for you for thinking it is rock’n’roll to be completely uncreative and use prosaic language to describe a band, who are trying their best to succeed, but I suppose you have achieved your objective and now many people have read this.
    Well done.

    • Thinker

      Just cos Peter Andre is a cunt doesn’t mean that the Blackout aren’t cunts.

  • Ben

    I think the point is being missed though.
    The whole point of the article was the point that they are charging there own fans to work for them. The smaller things like the meet and greet and what not are fair and its what a lot of bands do. However the more expensive things like ‘the roadie’ and ‘the merch selling’. Which is paying to work for a band who you have paid to go see many a time and bought all the CDs and merch. We all know that isn’t cheap.
    But then to charge £200? was it? to work for your band who you have more than likely paid that amount of money to support over the years is a little bit like kicking dust in the face of your fans….
    Yes it is choice for them to buy in to the pledge fund.
    and no body is making them.
    But the fact still remains that the average 14 year olds can not afford to maybe support the band as much as they would want, which leaves the average fan distanced from the band. Which is uncool in my opinion.
    Didn’t FFAF do something similar? I think my mate got a signed cd/plaque thing?for £35. But I think something like that is a much better idea, than the working for the band, but yes, It’s all the fans choice.

    • ;)

      Although, the majority of the fans who are actually pledging aren’t 14 year olds. I know a load of people who have pledged, and they’re all between the age of 16 – 21.

    • FFAF indeed did produce an album via Pledge, in fact, due to massive demand the pledges have been re-opened for a week

    • Emma Swindon

      To be fair Ben, some of these 14 yrs olds are in a better financial position (or their parents are) than some adults wanting to pledge, however this is not the issue.

      The Blackout are doing CD offers…the ‘writer’ has only referred to offers he doesn’t agree with which are, arguably, creative and different from the standard CD offer. By being a roadie for the day…I’m almost certain the lads won’t treat the buyer like a slave, it is an experience and that is all. There is something for everyone on their pledge page.

      This person has just tried to provoke people by posting article his… “Judging by the lack of abuse so far, however, it seems this post hasn’t reached the Blackout’s message boards yet. Can’t wait.” Not professional, not cool.

  • I think you talking crap mate, they just need money for new album and some of the money goes to charity yes I problery will be plegeing when I get money in the bank but I payed for VIP ticket for paramore, it was £90 I might not even have chance to meet the band. Loads of bands do it Funeral For A Freind is going it. its just the same as anyother band…. I love the blackout yes I have met them their amazing bands to meet, I am sure one of your favortive band has done this

  • Raz

    Nobody wants the boxer shorts??

    • Amit Sharma

      You didnt specify whether the shitstain was from one individual or more a collage paste-like substance rooting back to the entire TH massive.

      • Raz


  • D P

    The inevitable comeback to this comment will be that i’m jealous BUT …

    I’ve played with the blackout and they are not ‘the nicest guys in the world’, in fact they are really quite full of their own self importance! Now the argument here from fans is ’30STM did it!’ or ‘Metallica did it!’ or ‘Paramore .. etc’

    Hold the fucking bus here – look at those bands. They are WORLDWIDE SENSATIONS.

    The Blackout are not. Full stop. Get over it.

    This is a business decision based on the fact that THEY ARE NOT a world wide/class act. If they were, they would need to ‘raise funds’ for their album.

    If they really cared about Cancer for Kids – might I suggest that their label and themselves do a nice big gig. Charge at teh door and donate the entire earnings into the charity. Yeah. That would be good. Even I would do that.

    Food for thought.

    • Thisisme

      haha, you have never been in a band. not one worth a pinch of shit thats for sure

      • DP

        Oh how wrong you are, sunshine.

  • john

    they are so gay

    • YourMum


    • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

      like you?

  • krasherr

    woah never seen thrash hits in this state…

    This charity-giving is a load of bull. If you really cared you’d give almost all the money you don’t need to live. Of course nearly noone does that so they’re being very hippocritical.

    Also ‘kids for cancer’. Comon, they’re pretty much a lost cause. If you give to actual poor, starving and homeless people you’ll actually change someone’s life.

    Also The Blackout are terrible.

  • Mandy

    Christmas dinner with The Blackout… on 19th December?! Can somebody tell them that Christmas is 25th December! Priceless article, Thrash Hits – made me LOL! Even Ian Watkins wouldn’t stoop this low to rip off “the kids”! x

    • WeAreTheRiotSquad!

      its to help make the album as there between two record lables, and 10% of ALL money goes to teen cancer. so before you let your fingers loose, get to know the facts.

  • hairy_man1

    “Where’s Ian Watkins when you need him?”

    If the pictures I’ve seen recently are anything to go by; sucking cock.

  • hairy_man1

    Also, why don’t they get a part-time job and tell their fans to donate to charity? That’s how most hard-working underground bands do it.

    • Anonymous

      Ben thankfully saw the point here. The point is that they are offering work experience at a personal cost.

      I assure you, sitting at the back of some 200 cap venue trying to flog t-shirts to an empty room.. it don’t mean you’re in the band, and you probably wont even talk to them. I can’t say for sure, I don’t actually know anything about them apart from that their music doesn’t match the merch, but they were given enough money by someone to get editorials in the mags, if that’s dried out and they aren’t recouping it, unlucky.

  • I thought the Blackout seemed like wankers when they were on stage. Now i know that they are. I would never pay for them to make another album, in fact I would shell out some of those fees for the Blackout and their fans to never show their faces again.

  • Splinx

    How much can I pay this band to teach their fans the difference between: There, They’re and Their?

  • Lyndon

    im wondering if the riotsquad ever put their money where their mouth is and get in the pit,……mmmmmm forgot a,the blackout dont have moshpits and b, age resrections on the door aside bein in the bogs doin their hair n make up talkin bolloxs is prolly more suited to em.. WIN!

  • Stevierotterdam

    Never heard of them.
    t only took me 28 seconds to realise I never want to hear them again.

    What a bunch of wankers.

  • Stevierotterdam

    Cunty cunts.

    And that’s puttin it mildly.

    • tessariotsquad

      you’re a dickwanker. and that’s putting it mildly.

  • LOL

    I can’t decide if like the article more or the moronic comments from obviously 15 year old blackout fans more. I love this, thank you for this, fuck the blackout and their shitty music.

  • LOL

    I can’t decide if like the article more or the moronic comments from obviously 15 year old blackout fans more. I love this, thank you for this, fuck the blackout and their shitty music.

    • tessariotsquad

      fuck you and your shitty comment.

  • We had a Black out in my street once. It’s ok though, the police made him get back in his car & move on.

  • Amused from Burnley

    Never heard of the Blackout before but it really is a genius idea to get your fans to work for you. On top of that these gullible fans are defending these arseholes charging people to work for them. Obviously the Blackout are massive cunts but you have to respect the way they can so blatantly exploit their fans.
    On a side note, are there and Blackout fans who are able to spell?



  • labarde

    seriously, don’t you guys get it? THEY’RE DONATING 10% TO FUCKING KIDS WITH CANCER!!! when you donate a modest sum of the money you squeeze out of your silly fans’ parents to charity you are automatically beyond reproach. this is just the laws of How Things Work. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, YEAH?

    no, but srsly kids, this band is awful and once you grow up you will be embarrassed you ever liked them. it’s okay, we were all teenaged and stupid once, but daddy’s money could be much better spent on funny hats and drugs and other worthwhile things.

    • Straight Talker


      I really don’t think that’s a good idea. Kids with cancer need medicine, not a good fucking. To be fair I’m not up on alternative medicine though so maybe it is a good idea.

  • Really?

    Aren’t they donating some of the money to charity??

    • Chalk Eater

      Yep 10% to cancer kids. Apparently it makes it legitimate to exploit your fans if you give a little bit to charidee

  • Ozwithnoemailaddress

    I’ve read through all these comments and while it’s been entertaining, all you need to do is look at that photo. Of course they are wankers. The discussion ends here.

    • Anonymous

      Can we get that Leave Britney alone chap involved somehow?

      This is stellar.

  • josh

    even without this the blackout are completely shit music for kids as they get more commercial every minute while doing their hair and buying new clothes …real bands dont do this shit the blackout are just realising they dont write music that will last past their core audience hitting puberty and are scared of working in tesco so they are making the most money they can out of their mu$ic

    • Notyou H

      Your only saying this because you don’t like the style of music they play, you have no evidence they blow all their money on clothes and doing their hair. And anyway. Just cos you dont agree with how they sing or what they do, there is no reason to bring them down and say that they are shit. If they were shit they would have no fans, they have thousands of fans… think before you talk you ignorant TWAT (<–you)

  • Liam.

    Tbf i’m not a massive fan of the blackout, but i think Ewan Cameron is really showing himself up to be a cock here. ‘They’re lucky to have not met you?’ Oh please, if you met them you’d sooner shit in your pants than physically attack any of them. Don’t act like some big tough guy because you’re behind a keyboard.

    In all fairness, it is highly likely that this idea has come from their management and not the band themselves.

    Absolutely awful, cringeworthy journalism, a complete ineptitude to do any research into it, and taking it at complete face value, printing opinion over fact. How the hell you got jobs in the industry is beyond.

    • I’m just here for the trolling to be honest. It gives me something to do between wanking & crying.

    • To be fair, I reckon I could take 1 or 2 of them but I reckon the real reason they are lucky not to meet me is that I’m a fat guy with a predilection for rape jokes, a hobby of shitting on things & I doubt we’d agree on haircare products.

  • Michael

    I don’t mind their music, not amazing but very over rated. However, even I think they’re cunts for this! Ridiculous!

  • Michael

    Oh, as well as that..they claim it’s to fund their new album..sorry, what? There’s plenty of bands that record albums who have less money! Not saying they’re rich but other bands who have less money manage to make an album! Jesus Christ.

    Like I said, I don’t mind some of their music…but this is an act of selfishness and it’s disgusting.

  • Hunty

    not allowed to mock, on account of how ‘”there between two labels”

  • Anonymous

    Cheers for using our upload aha! Will agree with you, there absolute dickheads for this new stunt of theres. –

  • tessariotsquad

    i can safely say that 9/10 people that are leaving hate comments on here have never actually met The Blackout.
    fair enough if you don’t like their music, (bet you’ve never even given it a proper chance though) but to call them wankers without actually ever speaking to them is waaaaaaaay too far.
    geez your all like twice my age, GROW THE FUCK UP. no one gives a shit about your opinion. if you think The Blackout do, think again.

    • Anonymous

      So you have to meet a band before you can criticise them? Is this like you have to write a book/whatever before you can criticise it?

      Both are logical fallacies.

      I’d say posting 10 comments in an attempt to defend this band or reply to trolling definitely puts you in the camp of giving a shit about these opinions.

  • vtothedub

    I like the Blackout. haven’t got a problem with their music. I’ve grown past caring how a band is perceived and how i will be for liking them, i’m not 16 anymore. That being said, i’m not a superfan or anything remotely close to it, and personally there isn’t anything on there that i’d pay for, even if it cost the price of a curly wurly. But if someone fancies paying out for some of the stuff on there, then thats up to them. 200 quid to be a roadie for a day, why not? I pay a similar price to be part of a football team for a year, yet there are people that get paid to do that. You know what though, that is entirely my choice.

    Point is, they could be doing far far worse things to exploit fans. At least the money is going directly to them (and charity. What a bunch of bastards they are), rather than a labels back pocket. If someone isn’t happy with the price, then they wont pay for it, pretty simple really. Those who do pay will get no doubt get an experience that is good for them from it, so really, everyone ends up happy. Its all relative really, if you want something that much then the monetary value is a lot less personally to someone who couldn’t give a shit.

  • Nick-a-tron

    How much would I need to donate to charity/line the pockets of these little Welsh tikes to make sure they don’t make this record? Because I would love to be that guy right now.

  • That guy who makes sense.

    Ah yes! Take a punt at a band who are infact donating half the money to charity! Lovely bunch of people you are. You have no proof to say that you will have to ‘buy your own dinner’ or ‘buy your own ticket’, so therefore this automatically makes your website a total logic failure. I knew crap websites like this hated on bands a lot but I never realised they stooped down as low as making crappy assumptions. Wankers.

  • Jordan

    I once signed up to a street “chugger”‘s oxfam pay monthly thing. So anyways, I was thinking, if ever someone says something about my goings on that doesn’t quite sit with me, can you guys back em up with some fairly ridiculous comments?


    Katie Price


    • LOL

      I would just like to say lol

  • MaudCQ

    Maybe if they took more care of their money in the first place i.e, not buying two Segways mid tour just to ride around the venues in (youtube it), they wouldn’t be in this position anyway. And while I’m at it, why don’t they cut costs by recording like a real band – Black Sabbath did their first album in two days – the cost of two days recording in studio A at Electrical Audio with Steve Albini at the current exchange rate would be £2,244.85 British pounds sterling ( I’m sure some ‘Blackout-superfan’ would stump that up for two sniffs of the singer’s balls and a lick of the drummer’s gooch, (failing that, they could just sell their Segways?) but then I guess they’d actually have to learn how to play their instruments…..

    • Raz

      They have Segways?

      I’ve got a cliff!

    • Lolly

      they didn’t buy the segways, they were lent them for a day.

  • death to emo

    they come from ponty and sing with american accents.

    nuff said.

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  • goodbyeisthetruth

    Course they were wankers..only got anywhere because promoter Johnny P @ SJM was their management also in a conflict of interests akin to the Radio 1Rock show stuff you mention in your ‘goodbye’ piece or Kerrang TV staff playlisting bands they “manage” in other examples.

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