Thrash Hits

October 11th, 2010

FREE STUFF: Download Panic Records Summer Sampler

Yeah. We know it’s not summer anymore. It rained on us on the way to work this morning. Fuck the weather. Fuck it in the ear. So in that respect, at least we have Panic Records’ Summer Sampler to entertain us while we wait for a number 10 bus from Kings Cross to Hammersmith that NEVER FUCKING COMES.

They’re not even asking for your email to send you mailing list after mailing list that you’ll never actually read. So if you’re want 16 tracks of punk, hardcore, and post-hardcore from Seattle’s Panic Records, click the link below and download the compilation sharpish. We particularly like ‘Stepping on Cracks’ by Run with the Hunted, and ‘The Poet Me’ by At Half-Mast.

Download Panic Records’ Summer 2010 Sampler

Full shout outs go to one of our writer/photographers, Andy Parker, this most excellent of spots. When he’s not emailing us about free  music for us to download, he’s snapping photos of festivals and gigs for us. Go check out some of the work he’s done for us at Thrash Hits, or better yet, go check out his website.

Watch the video to ‘Goonies Never Say Die’ by Set Your Goals, which is on Panic Records’ Sampler:

Seriously, if anyone has any suggestions for music that will help us deal with the tedious twice-daily monotony of commuting from one side of London to the other, drop us your recommendations in the comments down below. The louder, more obnoxious it sounds when overheard second-hand externally from our headphones by our fellow commuters the better.



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