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October 15th, 2010

Iceland Airwaves 2010: Day 2 and it rained even harder

As we promised, we can confirm that our socks, jeans and stupid faces all got very wet last night. It may not actually be that cold in Reykjavik but it’s certainly wet. I’m trying to think of some awesome analogy for the music using ‘cold’ and ‘wet’ but can’t really.

Best band of Airwaves Day 2?
It was past 1am by the time reformed, native veteran metallers Klink came onstage. Dillon Rock Bar wasn’t as full as it could have been, bearing in mind that this quartet came out of retirement by popular demand. The problem was that Dillon isn’t listed as part of Iceland Airwaves. Even the unofficial “off-venue” gigs are listed in the official programme. Dillon is so off-venue it hurts and that’s why the abrasive anger of Klink fits perfectly in the corner of the room. They may be heading up the Metal Hammer night tonight but prowling the filthiest Reykjavik rock pubs is where they’re most at ease.

Honourable Mentions go to the dark melodies of Nevolution and the awesomely punctuated punk rock Reykjavik!. Their last album, The Blood came in a sandpaper sleeve, just so it would fuck up the CDs around it on your rack. Reuben and Rival Schools need to have word.

I also attended a meet and greet between the “media” and the bands. Got about a million CDs to listen to now, so BYE! We know that the desert vibes of Cliff Clavin and the spaced out post rock of We Made God are awesome but there are another dozen interesting ones. Looking forward to seeing Momentum and our buddies from Rolo Tomassi tonight. Righteous!

Airwaves 2010 conspicuous consumption
Burgers: 2
Hot dogs: 3
Pizza slices: 1
Fry ups: 2
Biscuits: 12
Beers: some

Icelandic Metal Fact
Wikipedia says: “Aluminium smelting is the most important power-intensive industry in Iceland.” This isn’t the kind of fact you were looking for. Was it.


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