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October 16th, 2010

Iceland Airwaves 2010: Day 3 and it got well metal

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The best thing for you to know is that we stopped looking at our watch at 5am but definitely went to sleep at some point between then and when we woke up at 9am. Four Rennies and a bag of croissants later and it’s definitely time to discuss the disgustingly metal evening of metal we had last night.

Best band of Airwaves Day 3?
Noise were the most polished and least likely to be easily found on the internet. Channelling strong influences from Guns N’ Roses and Alice In Chains, there’s enough brooding darkness to go with the brilliantly executed metal elegance for this band to make a lot of friends. The world always needs more metal bands who wear too much leather and I trust Noise to do this. Also, the singer is really sexy so girls will love him.

Honourable Mentions go to Klink were as righteous as ever but couldn’t live up to the metal melange (metalange?) that came before. Endless Dark are the current Icelandic buzz band. All the regulars on the metal scene chuckle as they call them “that crab-core band” but you’ll love Endless Dark like you love Bring Me The Horizon and other similar metalcore bands. They’re polished, they’re generic enough to be massive and they’ll be over in the UK before long, so look out for Endless Dark.

Momentum were absolutely, savagely, everything-crushingly awesome. They took a slab of Icelandic metal, slowed it down, doomed it up and added headfuls of hair to headbang with. Another band with loads of hair to swirl around was Gone Postal who are a very wise choice for death metallers out there. I bet you won’t be able to read their logo either so will definitely be metal enough.

Everyone knows that Solstafir are the premier Icelandic metal band. Their name means ‘September’ and they’re dark, brooding and mysterious. And awesome. Rolo Tomassi also played. All the Icelandic hipsters joined the heavy metal party at this point. There was a fight.

All these bands played in the same venue. It was a very metal night. Now everything hurts. The three hot dogs didn’t help.

Airwaves 2010 conspicuous consumption
Burgers: 2
Hot dogs: 6
Pizza slices: 2
Lobster soup: 1
Sushi: 6 pcs
Fry ups: 3
Biscuits: a pack of fruit shortcakes
Beers: too many

Icelandic Metal Fact
Just like when Greg Poociato played catch with the Reading Festival crowd in 2002 using a bag of his own pu, Klink frontman Guðni thought it would be cool to set a tshirt alight and throw that into the crowd. It’s also not good.


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