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October 5th, 2010

Interview: Actually JOE TROHMAN of The Damned Things answers some awful questions

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Yes, this is an interview with Rob Caggiano Joe Trohman, guitarist of The Damned Things, not Rob Caggiano Joe Trohman, [erstwhile] guitarist of Anthrax Fall Out Boy. This is his other new band. The band about which there is not very much information yet apart from the fact he made the band with Anthrax buddy buddies, Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano, along with Joe Trohman and his bandmate Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy, and Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die. Here’s a crap interview we did with Rob Joe [via email, via 2 other people, hence the awesome strikethrough-related cock up].

There is next to no information available about The Damned Things. Has it been a conscious decision to remain elusive?

“Well I guess there’s not much to tell at the moment. The tour we did, the songs we’ve put up etc, that’s about all that has been worth mentioning thus far. And there’s a bio. Those are chocked full of juicy info.

“It hasn’t been a conscious effort at all to keep things from people. The only thing we’ve been consciously hiding away is the record, but that’s pretty normal for bands to do. Things will come to a head soon, and when they do you’ll be getting more information about us than you care to read probably.”

Does Keith mind holding back on his screams, considering he is so good at them?

“Look at it this way: There’s not point in doing more than one band if you’re going to do the same thing in both bands. That being said, I love his scream. He’s also a killer singer. This band is his chance to prove that. There’s a little screaming on the record too.”

Does Keith still have the mullet?

“Last I saw him yes, but it’s been a few months. He’s a man of several haircuts.”

What do you talk about when not playing? Considering the band is more of an ‘artificial’ creation (as opposed to forming organically), how do you build “a vibe”?

“The band is definitely not an artificial creation. Artificial, in this case, would mean that a major label A+R rep and/or manager (for instance) had a pre-conceived notion of what kind of band they wanted to create out of thin air, found us, and put us together. That’s quite the opposite of us.

“We formed very organically. I met Scott, we started this as a side thing with friends, and over the course of 3 years went from a project to a band. All the songs on our upcoming record were developed over that time. I’d say that’s pretty organic. The vibe is natural. No point in doing a band if that isn’t already present.

“When we talk we usually discuss matters. Preventative measures, deep space exploration, cold ‘cure-alls’, foot fungus, food coloring and discoloring etc. Guy stuff.”

Building on that, weren’t the Fall Out Boy guys tempted to form a band with new guys, so that they didn’t depend on the Anthrax and Every Time I Die members making time in their own schedule in order to tour and record etc?

“That’s just a rumor. Whatever ‘facts’ get passed around are usually rumors.”

All five main members of the band are big names. Have there been any difficulties with wild ego episodes whilst working as a band?

“Nope. We’re not dicks. We just have dicks. It’s a common misnomer.”

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Is Scott Ian a full-blown gambling addict yet? It seems 90% of his tweets are about it.

“I wouldn’t say he loves gambling, but he definitely loves poker. Here’s how I look at poker: when something starts getting televised on ESPN, it’s officially a sport. Poker is on ESPN, therefore he’s a sportsman.”

When’s the album coming then?

“I dunno. This year. Next year. Leap year. But seriously, I think it’s coming out in December now.”

What is your favourite The Damned Things song to play live?

“So far it’s been this song called ‘Black Heart’.”

It must be annoying for My Chemical Romance to march into London town on the same evening as you and steal your thunder. Give us 5 reasons why The Damned Things’ gig will be the place to be.

Cheaper beer
Beer guts
Cheaper tickets
Guitar solos
Low key hangs

The Damned Things are playing The Relentless Energy Sessions Festival. This means that they’re playing a show at London Highbury Garage on 23 October 2010. Some of us will be there. Some of us will be at My Chems. Party night, either way.


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