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October 4th, 2010

MOVIE TIP: Andrew W.K. explains why he relates to teen movies + Wayne’s World vs Bill and Ted

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We know that last week we promised that this week’s column from Andrew WK would be all about him and his acting skills but what with all the rumours about a new Bill and Ted movie, it seemed reasonable for Andrew to talk about teen movies this week! He also talks about the awesome Ryan Reynolds vehicle, Van Wilder. University was definitely like that for everyone at Thrash Hits. Definitely! Yeah! Ok.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off + The Breakfast Club vs Clueless + Mean Girls

“I actually like all of those but Clueless, I don’t like quite as much as the other ones. Again, I think they were skewing a little heavier towards girls only. Maybe Mean Girls was the same but also it depends on who’s in the movie. No offence to Alicia Silverstone but some of the other girls in the other movies, I thought were prettier. Clueless, there’s a lack of sexual energy in that movie somehow and I don’t know why that is and whether that’s intentional but the other movies all have a lot of sexual tension to me which of course keeps me watching in a different way and Clueless was based on that old, very classic story, Emma.”

“I love the movies that are considered teen movies for this day and age because it’s a version of High School or college that I didn’t have. That’s because for junior high school, I went to a private school – it wasn’t really fancy or anything but was just very, very small – and then for high school I went to a public school but it was a school for special students. It was kind of a school for really bad kids; troubled kids and then became the school that everyone wanted to go to because it had the cool artists and musicians going there. I wanted to go there naturally because I wanted to take art classes and music classes but again it was a very small school and I never went to college.

“I moved to NYC when I was 18 and since then I’ve been doing Andrew W.K. so I feel a different relationship with teen movies because it’s playing out a fantasy that I never really got to have. I never got to go to college and do what these movies claim you can do. I asked my friends, ‘Is it like that? Are there really girls everywhere? So beautiful and ready to be intimate?’ They said, ‘Well, yes and no.’ I just became fascinated by it. I don’t think I missed out, I just think that it’s fun for me to have that fantasy and that part of my life that never really happened, I can live it through these movies.”

Van Wilder

The first National Lampoon Van Wilder movie, when that came out, they asked if they could use ‘Party Hard’ as the main song for all their trailers. I was totally psyched on it because I was a huge fan of National Lampoon over the years so it was a no brainer but the record label refused to do it and there was nothing I could do to change their mind.

“We got to have our music in lots of movies and TV but that one I was specifically frustrated by because the reason the record label said no was because the teen movies like this and the college movies are a bad vibe or they’ll make people associate the song with these sort of times and I said, ‘Why do you think I’m making this music?? What do you think this music is supposed to be associated with?? With studying biology in graduate school?? It’s supposed to be this vibe, of a young person with their excitement of just getting to college for the first time.’

“I thought it was so confusing but in those early days, I thought it was so odd when I was working with a lot of my people in the business and the record label would just be behind the scenes. There was so much concern about not wanting too much fun because somehow that was bad. It was absolutely silly. I think that since then the general climate for cultural entertainment has changed. It is much better now and it is much more open minded and there is much more importance put on creativity and people want to have their minds blown by the visuals and the music. I don’t think they are so hung up on what is ‘genuine’ or ‘heartfelt’ as long as it is entertaining and exciting to them in some way and clearly shows some effort. It’s also a very positive atmosphere right now. In the late 90s, in the grunge era, when I was growing up it was cool to be in a bad mood, these things just shift and change so I’m just very happy with where culture and society is right now. It’s a lot more colourful.”

Wayne’s World vs Bill and Ted

“Wow. I haven’t seen Wayne’s World for very many years but Bill And Ted’s, I’ve seen many, many times – Bogus Journey too, many many times. I saw them both in the theatre at the time. The second one, there was such a build-up, we were genuinely excited, me and my friends.”

“I remember being specifically disturbed when the two robot Bill and Teds saw the girlfriends of the real life Bill and Teds for the first time and saying I’m getting a major robot chubby. It’s something about that word chubby being using to describe him getting aroused that just freaks me out. It made my stomach turn, it gave me a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t know what it was. I think it may have also been because I asked my mom because I didn’t know what that meant and hearing my mom explaining that, anybody would freak out about that. I’ll never ever forget that for the rest of life, for whatever reason, that scene with the robot guy. It was just creepy. Robots are evil.”

Mastodon have gone some way toward making robots cool again, but hey. Since we’ve shunted Andrew W.K.’s teen movie column forward a week to accommodate a bit of contemporaneity, you’ll definitely get to read about how Andrew sees himself appearing up on screen. Needless to say, it’s quite inspiring. In the meantime, you can always read his thoughts on Harry Potter or Twilight or hot actresses!

You should also feel free to ask Andrew W.K. more questions either directly in a comment below or you can email your question to PARTY HARD!

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