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November 2nd, 2010

Album: Me Vs Hero – Days That Shape Our Lives

Me Vs Hero
Days That Shape Our Lives
01 November 2010

by Ali Ryland

While likely to run and thus congeal into one cheesy Americanised mass, the savoury treat that is Me Vs Hero‘s Days That Shape Our Lives will at least spit and sizzle before settling blandly. It would be hard to pass over the fact that what we have here is a slightly less misogynistic carbon copy of the type of US pop-punk we hate to love….minus anything with an actual punk agenda, and smattered with guyliner and skullcandy headphones.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? While the boppy bunch might not be doing it for themselves, they’ve still produced a well-rounded Summer pop-punk record (albeit in time for the Autumn). Whether this is due to the overall shitness of the weather or the overhaul of rock-pop brits dominating our ‘pop-punk’ scene (*cough* *cough* *KidsInGlassHouses*), it’s still a wonder that Me vs Hero can achieve this carefree ‘spring break’ spirit after crawling out of Blackpool.

There are few arguments to put against Me Vs Hero’s sunny songs; but not all that many for them either. Lyrically, they’re still rough around the edges; not yet able to follow in A Day To Remember‘s footsteps of combining great hooks with greater, grittier lyrics or produce a vapid yet enticing teen-scene anthem such as ‘Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)‘ they’re forced to stick to familiar themes and thus caught in the punk-pop trap. ‘We’re Not Going Home (We Don’t Care What Time It is)‘ is an example of this, a clichéd gig/album-closer that fails to deliver – although the lyric of “not knowing’s the thrill of what makes it a shot in the dark” is probably a nod to aforementioned post-hardcorers ADTR, acting as a smug nugget to perceptive fans.

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In many ways, Me vs Hero have all the ingredients needed for a successful pop-punk album baked into the record: bouncy hooks, a sunny Californian accent. But they’re certainly not as polished as their US counterparts, which would be fine if they hadn’t made a point of sounding so damn American to begin with.


Sounds like: Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, New Found Glory
Top Tracks: Days That Shape Our Lives, She Still Knows, What Seems To Be The Officer, Problem?

Me Vs Hero – Days That Shape Our Lives tracklisting:
Can You Count, Suckers
Days That Shape Our Lives
Cashing Cheques
Star Raider And Space Invaders
Draw The Line
She Still Knows
A Loss In The Ranks
What Seems To Be The Officer, Problem
My Warren Sense Is Tingling
We’re Not Going Home (We Don’t Care What Time It Is)



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