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November 16th, 2010

Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams learns to wrestle with view to be filmed getting beaten up

Every Time I Die promo band photo thrash hits

Wrestling is awesome. This is probably why Andy Williams, burly guitarist of Every Time I Die is a big, big wrestling fan. It doesn’t explain why he’s preparing to get in the ring, have the hell kicked out of his Hulk Hogans and then capture it all on film. Regardless, that’s what he’s doing.

Williams said some stuff about the documentary to Noisecreep:

“It’s a documentary on the dudes who lost. They call them jobbers because they are there for the job. I got offered to write the documentary, so it’s me learning from these dudes. And at the end, I go out and ‘job’ a match and get beat up in one minute.”

Everyone got in trouble when they were younger for playing wrestling in the school playground. It’s not our fault smashing other kids’ faces into wall-shaped turnbuckles hurts so much. THEY WERE WEAK.

Ultimate Warrior was always our favourite but Andy Williams also told Noisecreep, the tassled, highlighted, former WWF Champion couldn’t actually wrestle!

“He has respect for the Buddy Wolfs and Buddy Landells of the world, who “got the s— smashed out of them for literally a minute first match. If you were going against Ultimate Warrior, it was 30 seconds, because he couldn’t wrestle. They body slam you and then you are on the ground. I hope it looks like I get destroyed. I don’t want to do anything offensive. I want to get beat up.”

Sounds like a pretty crappy thing to learn to do but hey, Andy’s bigger than us and so is probably prone to caring slightly less about getting his British Bulldogs mashed.

“Most documentaries about wrestling end depressing, so I want these dudes to get glorified. When you were kid, you worshipped wrestlers, because they did smoke a dude in one minute – and the dude who got smoked got paid.”

It appears that Williams’ love of wrestling goes back a few years. In a 2005 interview with World Of Fandom he spoke about his love for the sport which clearly goes far further than just watching primetime television:

WOF: What event led you down the path of the sporting/entertainment event we know as “professional wrestling”?

AW: A scaffolding match between the Freebirds versus the Road Warriors. For me, it was unbelievable.

WOF: Do you attend matches whenever possible?

AW: When I can. I just went to a WWE show, but it was just a house show. It wasn’t like a TV taping or anything like that. I thought it was cool because there’s no camera and these guys are still beating the hell out of themselves. I thought that was super cool. It kind of reminded me of this (the band). Sometimes we’ll play in front of a thousand people and sometimes we’ll play in front of two hundred people, but we still play the same. So these dudes are doing the same exact thing.

WOF: Do you have a deep down desire to become a wrestler?

AW: There’s another alliance called Empire State Wrestling and I love it. It’s small, but I am actually trying to get a match in it.

WWE came over to the UK earlier in November and they played London O2 Arena. Wrestling is more popular than all metal apart from Metallica but only half as popular as Paramore. Pretty girl who flashes her boobs on the internet or loads of oiled-up dudes rubbing against each other? Dur!



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