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November 18th, 2010

Future Hits 067: Wolves Like Us

Wolves Like Us promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Oslo, Norway
Sounds Like: Biffy Clyro if they lost the stadium-rock ambitions, and replaced them with stronger gutter-rock instincts and far, far superior facial hair.

Since we developed such a major boner for Kvelertak earlier this year, we’ve spent a great deal of time lurking around some of their fan forums, and one name that kept popping up over and over again – Wolves Like Us. We emailed drummer, Jonas Thire, to find out more about this intriguing Norwegian four-piece. Just don’t call them a “hardcore” band….


Describe your sound in 3 words
Everything but hardcore

How did you meet?
We all know each other from the music scene in Oslo. I think some of us first met at a local punk show at the Blitz (legendary squat) back in the late 90s. Maybe it was at the His Hero Is Gone show. I can’t remember. But we have all played in different bands who have released albums and toured. (The Unmist, Amulet, Infidels Forever, Jr Ewing, Silver etc)

What made you want to start a band?
Simply because that’s one of the coolest things you can do in your life. And for us that are starting to get older it’s a opportunity to still hang around your friends and keep the little brat inside you alive. We started this band because we wanted to play a mix of the music genres we all have grown up with and that is something that not many underground bands are doing anymore. We are NOT a hardcore band, not a “flame” rock band, not an emo band, and definitely not a metal band. We like the music to be free but at the same time have a certain agenda about what we want to do…

Wolves Like Us – Deathless

Where did you grow up? How do you think it’s affected your music?
We all grew up around Oslo city. I guess we are lucky because the music scene in Oslo has always kind of been good around town. There were nice venues to play at and kids that came to shows too. Many good bands also spawned out of Oslo and Norway. To name a few; So Much Hate, Turbonegro, Motorpsycho, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Noplacetohide, Satyricon etc.

What are your non-musical influences?
That is kind of hard to answer since we are 4 different individuals with very different interests, but I would have to say that it is a mix of skateboarding, reading Bukowski, trying to get laid & failing miserably at it. Some of us are really into comics and cartoons. Our bassist loves everything on the discovery channel and our singer just reads all the time .

So far, what has been the best thing about being in a band?
Touring. We have been lucky and gotten a lot of attention based on only one demo, and being on the road has definitely been awesome so far. We have been out touring with two Norwegian bands, Kvelertak and Blood Command and both bands have been freaking nice to us. We love those guys.

Watch Wolves Like Us perform ‘We Speak In Tongues’ live in Norway:

With which band would your dream tour be?
If the Afghan Whigs reformed, that would be it. We love the Whigs, almost love them too much. Another band that we would love to see reform is our pals in Planes Mistaken For Stars, and if they would have us we would love to play with those beautiful people. They are simply two of the reasons we play too, Planes and the Whigs.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
The Norwegian scene? I don’t think there is one, but there are some bands from our neck of the woods that are amazing, like Kvelertak, Blood Command, Rumble in Rhodos, Dominic, Serena Maneesh to name a few. I would not say we are their peers, but we love those bands and they all send shivers down your spine. You should check them all out.

What marks you out as different to other bands around at the moment?
Everyone is different. Every single band is different from the other. But I think we are at a point where we just want to connect with someone, we don’t care if there is just two or two thousand people in the crowd as long as we made someone understand what we wanted to say, or what they interpreted from what we tried to say. Its hard to describe that connection, but its almost like you can feel it in your bones – when you have played a good show – and the band has connected with the kids. Like I said, it s hard to describe but it keeps us going.

Wolves Like Us – We Speak In Tongues

What’s the best and/or funniest show you’ve played?
Maybe at Lillehammer (small Norwegian town) with Kvelertak this fall, that show was absolutely insane. A small club, completely packed and people gnawing at your bones, it was amazing. I still smile when I think about it.

What have you got planned for the future?
We are going to record this Christmas. We will try to make a record, but maybe I will be an EP. Depends on how many songs we manage to do justice, sometimes a song just will not work in the studio so we will have to see.

Tell us a joke.
What is the difference between a bag of coke and a small child?
Eric Clapton would never lose a bag of coke out the window.

Wolves Like Us – as you’ll have just read – are planning on heading into the studio soon to record new material. In the meantime, head on over to the band’s official MySpace page for more information on the band, or to where you can download ‘Deathless’ and ‘We Speak In Tongues’ for free. Zing!