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November 2nd, 2010

Goth Cruise director moves on to documenting independent record stores with Sound It Out

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You might remember Jeanie Finlay’s name from when she directed the brilliant Goth Cruise documentary. After enjoying that so much, we were happy to see that Ms Finlay was sticking to her musical and geographical roots by making her next doco about an independent record shop in Stockton-upon-Tees called Sound It Out.

We had a brief chat with Jeanie Finlay about what the doco’s about and why she wanted to make it:

I grew up 3 miles away from Sound It Out and it’s run by my school friend Tom Butchart. All of the other glorious record shops in Teesside – Alan Fearnley’s in Middlesbrough in particular, have now gone to the great high street in the sky. Sound It Out is the very last vinyl shop left. For 14 years I have been visiting Tom in the shop and threatening to make a film about him for about 10 and about 18 months ago I started doing just that. The shop really is a microcosm of the North East and if you spend long enough in the shop you’ll meet every kind of music fan They’re just nearly all men – about 99 per cent in fact.

The 60-minute picture has already been filmed but studio time doesn’t come for free. You can contribute toward the production costs of Sound It Out in return for certain rewards including tours of Teeside and a private screening with the director herself. Not bad.

Supporting independent record shops is something we’re very fond of, here at Thrash Hits. When Soho staple, Sister Ray went into administration, back in 2008, Tony Hampton wrote this thrilling retrospective piece on Shades, which itself closed in 1990. The passion and great memories Tony documented about Shades are close to Jeanie’s own thoughts:

“What I suspected before I started filming and what I have had confirmed is that it’s so much more than just music. Records and vinyl hold memories and map the soundtrack of people’s lives. You probably can’t remember when you bought downloaded an mp3 but I bet you can remember when you bought your first single, or the LP you fell in love to.”

Support independence or all you’ll have left are all those chain shops and supermarkets you moan about and internet shopping. You’re not going to fall in love on Amazon or, unless you’re a moron.



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