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November 3rd, 2010

Kyuss are back (but without Josh Homme): The Argument FOR

Back in July, Amit Sharma returned to us like a stoner with ten coffees in him. The reason? He’d just hung out with his hero, John Garcia at his London show. Kyuss reformed this week, minus Josh Homme. Words ensued…

Kyuss Lives! promo photo Thrash Hits

You may have heard that “Kyuss” are reforming for some European dates in Spring next year. After witnessing the immensity of the Garcia Plays Kyuss tour back in July, I think these reunion shows have the potential to be life changing, particularly for anyone that wasn’t lucky (or old) enough to catch them back in the day.

Except… hang on a minute! The artist performing isn’t being billed as Kyuss but actually under the moniker of ‘Kyuss Lives. What does that mean? Do we get to see the band or not?

In a nutshell, yes – though it will be without Josh Homme (who has recently been working on breaking into the world’s top 10 Most Powerful Gingers list). Here we have a man that is most likely to be found jamming with members of Led Zeppelin, caning the coffee with Dave Grohl or shagging Brody Dalle. Shit now that I’ve thought about it, that actually sounds pretty fun…

John Homme teaches us how to pronounce his surname in various parts of the world

Nevertheless, the general reaction to this news has been that of elation, and the shared hatred aimed at those who caught the impromptu ‘reunion’ at this year’s Hellfest has started to diminish. It seems that the success of that performance (as well as that of the Garcia Plays Kyuss tour) was enough to tempt three quarters of the band into reforming which, from a fan’s point of view, is a vast improvement on nothing at all.

In an ideal world, yes it would be great if Josh Homme was in the lineup but as long as it sounds good, does it really matter? It’s not as if the band have said they are reforming indefinitely with the pitter patter of new music on its way. At this stage, it’s just a handful of live dates, and Bruno Fevery has already shown he is more than capable of replicating the tone and feel of Josh’s guitar parts on the Garcia tour.

Of course, there will be a few naysayers out there who will be sceptical of a reunion without one fundamental member, but that is precisely why the shows are being called Kyuss Lives. Therefore anyone purchasing a ticket will know the deal – it’s the original Wretch / Blues For The Red Sun lineup bar Homme, and if that doesn’t sound credible enough the solution is very fucking simple indeed. Don’t buy a ticket.

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Not everyone here at Thrash Hits is all sweetness and light about the Kyuss “reunion” – our Deputy Editor, Hugh Platt, thinks this exercise in Kyuss-nostaligia is a hellaload of horseshit – click here to check out his arguement. Oo-er!

Kyuss Lives Spring 2011 tourdates
31 Nottingham Rock City
01 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
02 London The Forum
04 Glasgow ABC1
05 Manchester Academy
06 Bristol O2 Academy

Note that 03 April 2011 is available, just in case they decide that one night at the Kentish Town Forum is not enough…


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