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November 16th, 2010

MOVIE TIP: Andrew W.K. contemplates an alternative career as an actor

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It may well have taken over a month, but here is the fifth installment of Andrew W.K.’s Movie Tips. The last of his columns dealt with his thoughts on teen movies, and especially about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey but this is all about Andrew on a screen.

Would you ever consider a career in acting?

“The work I’ve done with TV – and to some extent our music videos – has exposed me somewhat to what movie actors experience but clearly it’s much much different. The only thing that I’ve not liked about this idea is playing someone else – the whole point of acting! I get to be the most fun role to play already. I don’t like the idea that someone else is going to make up a role for me to play that I might not really like or that I wouldn’t do exactly.

“That’s the humbling part of acting that’s very impressive. You think of all these great legendary actors but all they were doing was doing what other people told them to do. Especially when you’re working your way up from the bottom, you might have to play really crappy characters that you don’t like or work with people that aren’t very good and work your way up. It’s almost hard for me to imagine anyone doing it.”

“People dedicate their whole lives to it to varying degrees of success. In some ways it’s so close because it’s another little arm of the entertainment industry and show business but it’s also very, very far away from my experiences as a performer. I admire actors, I love watching actors, I learn so much from them and try to apply it to what I do but as far as dedicating myself to an acting career, I don’t know. Anything’s possible. I’m certainly open to it!”

How do you feel about Andrew W.K.: The Movie?

“That would certainly be much more appealing to me. I already feel like I’m in this movie – I am acting as myself. I figured that I love movies so much that they create possibilities and inspiration. You’re leaving out a different version of the world while you’re watching a movie because the only way you can actually process the story or follow what’s going on is to fully believe that it’s happening to some degree. If you can do that with yourself, create your own script and your own characters and develop your own character as your own life, that sounds fun to me. That’s what I want to do.”

Would you like to play a gym teacher?

“I would love to do that. When you get down to a character like that, I can say, ‘Yes, that would be a fun character. I could do that.’ Maybe I’d have to cut my hair for that or maybe I could put it in a ponytail. I really love comedies. There are movie stars and then there are actors. There are many movie stars who I don’t think even they would say they could act in a play or do a one-man monologue or something – those are different skills. I don’t know if I could do a whole play or what but I feel like I could definitely do a scene in a comedy. I would love to make movies.”

TV vs Movies

“The reason I love TV is that it has that high-paced, slightly disposable quality that I really like. In many ways it reminds me of a concert or an album in that when you’re filming a TV show, it only exists as the experience when someone’s watching it. In the movies it’s something similar but there’s something more eternal about movies. They take much longer to make, they cost much more money, they have this weight to them that sometimes pop music and TV don’t have, which are supposed to be turning over very quickly.

“At the same time, TV can become legendary, songs can become legendary, performances can become legendary, but all these things are so interesting because they exist in experiential space that are just sensory experiences. You’re not putting all this effort into building a house that you can then go and live in for the rest of your life; you’re just building a moment on the screen or sound over the speakers.”

“I definitely want to make my own movie one day but as far as being a more traditional actor for other people, I’m up for it. People have asked me to pop into this movie or appear in this movie many times before and often times I just couldn’t do it because of my schedule. There were some really great invitations that I was very flattered and honoured to get but sometimes it just didn’t make sense. Like, why would I do this thing if I wasn’t really excited about it? That’s how I try and do my whole career. I just wanna do the things that somehow you have that intense reaction to and I’ve been waiting for that to happen.”

Previously, Andrew has spoken about Harry Potter and date movies as well as creepy child actors and Twilight but started off dreaming about hot actresses (including Bella Swan). Next time, Andrew W.K. will be talking about Quentin Tarantino and remade films. It’s interesting and cool, so you should come back and read it.

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