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November 11th, 2010

Photos: Linkin Park @ London O2 Arena – Wednesday, 10 November 2010

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They may well be every insane 20-something male’s secret favourite nu-metal band but that’s why Linkin Park are headlining London’s O2 Arena and that’s why we’re on the internet posting and looking at photos of them, respectively.

We sent that Northern monkey of a photographer, Ben Gibson to the cavernous Docklands venue to take photos of the Californian megastars. He proceeded to say stuff like, “I want a pie LOL,” and “God this venue is as big as Middlesbrough LOL,” before taking some photos of Linkin Park.

Take a look.

Linkin Park @ London O2 Arena - 10 November 2010 c/o Ben Gibson

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Chester plays drums now.

This photo gallery really does take you one step closer. Closer to RUDDY AWESOMENESS. Make sure you click all the way through to the end and leave us a comment telling us which photo is your favourite!

Linkin Park @ London O2 Arena setlist
The Requiem
Wretches and Kings
Given Up
New Divide
Empty Spaces
When They Come for Me
No More Sorrow
Jornada del Muerto
Waiting For The End
Wisdom, Justice, and Love
The Radiance
Breaking The Habit
Shadow Of The Day
One Step Closer
The Catalyst
The Messenger
In The End
What I’ve Done
Bleed It Out


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