Thrash Hits

November 23rd, 2010

YouTube LOL: The Black Dahlia Murder know how to dance. Like your Dad.

the black dahlia murder band promo thrash hits

Everyone videos their wedding these days, right? Sure, everyone says it’s because they want a permanent record of The Happiest Day Of Their LivesTM, though we’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that it’s because no-one wants to miss out of blagging £250 out of Harry Hill if something ridiculous goes down.

Something like The Black Dahlia Murder throwing down on the dancefloor at the reception, to give one example.

The wedding in question was that of The Black Dahlia Murder’s tour manager, Karim Peter – the band hadn’t pulled some crazy Wedding Crashers-esque hustle to supplement their tour rations by raiding the buffet at a stranger’s nuptials. Particular credit is due to the band’s guitarist, Ryan Knight, and his willingness to work  the shirt-flip maneuver. ‘Rude Boi‘ indeed!

Watch The Black Dahlia Murder showing off their dancefloor skills:

So, err, does this mean that, umm, Rihanna ist Krieg? Anyway, now that they’ve finished touring for the year, The Black Dahlia Murder are busy writing for their as-yet-untitled fifth studio album. We don’t expect that it will in any way reflect the band’s ability to throw shapes.



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