Thrash Hits

December 13th, 2010

Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig spend a “very special” Christmas together

Henry and Glenn Forever Thrash Hits

Ever wondered what would happen if Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins were….ahem….”very special friends”, and shared a house together, next door to their Satan-worshipping neighbours, Hall & Oates? And wouldn’t a cartoon of their (anti-)Christmas horseplay be just the thing to get you going on a brisk Monday morning in December?

Well, technically it’s just a five-minute Christmas commercial for Igloo Tornado’s Henry & Glenn Forever, the comic/zine collection-thing that speculates exactly what a bizarre what-if world where Danzig and Rollins are more than just good friends would be like. Look, just roll with it, okay?

Watch the Henry & Glenn Forever Xmas Special:

You can pick up Henry & Glenn Forever direct from Microcosm Publishing. We’re pretty doubtful that you’ll get a copy before Christmas if you order it now, but since when did giving gifts this funny need to be restricted to just Christmas time? We’ve totally gone and bought copies for all the humourless, self-important, more-hardcore-than-thou types we know. And if you’re anything like us, you know a lot of those types of people.