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December 8th, 2010

Reykjavik! wrote a song about the internet which sounds a bit like Pantera; made a video

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You might remember that we went over to Reykjavik in October for Iceland Airwaves Festival 2010. We saw a band called Reykjavik!. They’re distinct from the name of the country’s capital because they put an exclamation mark on the end. Anyway, they wrote a song called ‘Internet’ and made a video about it in a bar that Damon Albarn from Blur spent so much money in once, they let him own a bit of it.

We emailed a punk rock bastard called Haukur S Magnusson – a Reykjavik band member, a guitarist and a man, above all else – to tell us some more. He replied and told us this kind of stuff:

So we didn’t make this video for any special reason, other than that we wanted to somehow document our live performance after like six years of playing together or something. We had just participated in making that Backyard Movie with director Árni Sveinsson, and we thought, “Why not get Árni to make a video with us? He seems affable enough.” So we asked him, and we found out that it would cost around 100,000 ISK to produce, which sounded manageable enough (that’s like, 500 quid I think) divided between the all of us and our record label.

The way we did it is that we threw our traditional fun times concert at Kaffibarinn (we have been doing this once or twice a year since we started playing), where we invite friends and family and anyone else that wants to come along over for a show, some drinks and some fun.

The show was a normal KB show, i.e. rather crazy. One of the most memorable moments was when Bóas (our singer) grabbed the chandelier at hanging over the room and got electrocuted. The power cut off the whole building. We had to start the song again.

We initially wanted to make a video for another song of ours called ‘Cats’ (you can hear it below) but in the end we thought we’d rather make it to this song maybe because it could better convey what’s going on at our shows, and also because it sounds more like Pantera.


Cats – Reykjavík!

Hope you like either of the songs enough to go check Reykjavik! the hell out. They’re nice guys as well as being punk rock motherfuckers. They also made a record called The Blood and the sleeve was made of actual sandpaper. Reuben and Rival Schools are not happy. I think that was the point.

Go to Reykjavik!’s SoundCloud to “hear a pretty sweet track we made with Mugison this spring over there. It’s about eruptions” or just go to their MySpace and fuck up your computer.



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