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December 15th, 2010

Top 10s of 2010: Our Contributors (Part 2)

Top 10s of 2010 Banner-1 Thrash HitsDo you really need this introduction? Do you really need to spend your time reading a preamble here? No, of course not. What you ought to be doing right about now is clicking on that ‘Read More’ button down below, and checking out the second part of our contributors’ Top 10s of 2010.


Ben Gibson is so Northern, even his tweets come with a Hartlepool accent. In addition to taking photos for us, and getting them put on band t-shirts, Ben dreams of taking part on the TV series Coach Trip.

1. The Chariot – Long Live

The Chariot Long Live album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Ben says: “This album seriously blew me away the first time I heard it; and still does. Since then it has been played and recommended far too many times to remember. It has so much passion in bedded, which you can just feel from start to finish., no loss of emotion as the track numbers rise. I can not wait for this band to hit our shores again next Spring. They are going to rip every city a new one. Seriously if you can get to one of there shows do it.”

2. Four Year Strong – Enemy of the World
3. Bring Me The Horizon – There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret
4. Your Demise – The Kids We Used To Be
5. Trash Talk – Eyes & Nines
6. Cancer Bats – Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones
7. The Damned Things – Ironiclast
8. Die Antwoord – $O$
9. Kvelertak – Kvelertak
10. Underoath – Ø (Disambiguation)


Paul Caudell, aka “The Bear” can sometimes be found taking pictures for us at gigs and festivals across the UK, but you’re just as likely to find him hosting a show on TotalRock, where he plans on blowing your ears our with his collection of malevolent doom.

1. Black Breath – Heavy Breathing

Black Breath Heavy Breathing album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Paul says: “Any band that can kneel so closely to the alter of Entombed and provide something new and exciting gets a head bang from me. ‘Heavy Breathing’ might have dodgy cover art but god damn does it have energy and groove from the get go.”

2. Kvelertak – Kvelertak
3. Marakari – The Profit Feeds
4. Lavotchkin – Widow Country
5. The Sword – Warp Riders
6. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis
7. High On Fire – Snakes for the Divine
8. Kylesa – Spiral Shadow
9. Throats – Throats
10. Deftones – Diamond Eyes


We met Ali Ryland at Sonisphere Festival this year. Allegedly we met her at Download Festival 2009, but we were so drunk at the time that we don’t remember. She’s written some words for us while Rock Midgets is on downtime.

1. Random Hand – Another Change of Plan

Random Hand Another Change Of Plan album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Ali says: “A stonkingly superb skacore quartet, whose re-release of A Change of Plan is made even more leftwing aggro by the addition of some new and old tracks. The Keighley-hard-as-nails-northerners remain ‘scum triumphant’ with this beauty.”

2. Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love
3. Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring
4. Against Me! – White Crosses
5. Surfer Blood – Astro Coast
6. Four Year Strong – Enemy of the World
7. Cancer Bats – Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones
8. LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening
9. Klaxons – Surfing the Void
10. Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy


You might not recognise the name of Tom Gibbons, but behind-the-scenes here at Thrash Hits he’s helped us put out all of that wonderful video content that people on YouTube love to bitch over endlessly.

1. Winterfylleth – The Mercian Sphere

Tom Gibbons says: “Everything comes together for me on this record – guitar tone, atmospherics, the themes of heritage/English landscapes, beautiful acoustic instrumentals, the vocal tone…it’s a stunning achievement for a British band in this genre”

2. Astrohenge – Astrohenge
3. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Options Paralysis
4. Ihsahn – After
5. Rolo Tomassi – Cosmology
6. The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events
7. Alter of Plagues – White Tomb
8. Rinoa – An Age Among Them
9. Intronaut – Valley of Smoke
10. Ramesses – Take The Curse


Jon Kerr wasn’t able to write very much for us in 2010, but then again as he made the altogether probably more intelligent decision to go back to university and study for some serious qualifications. Good work!

1. Alter Bridge – Alter Bridge III

Alter Bridge AB III cover thrash hits roadrunner records artwork

Jon says: “I was really impressed with ‘ABIII’ when I heared it.  All the more so as I said to myself “I don’t like Alter Bridge that much, but I’ll give it a go…” before being simply wowed by this release. It held its own this year and feels like a ‘Dirt’ or ‘Ten’ for our times. Metal seems to have taken slightly more of a back seat this year than it did last, but here are ten bands who kept the banner flying high!”

2. Deftones – Diamond Eyes
3. Rolo Tomassi – Cosmology
4. Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns
5. Your Demise – The Kids We Used To Be
6. Ozzy Osbourne – Scream
7. Heights – From Sea to Sky
8. Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare
9. Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier
10. Bleeding Through – Bleeding Through


If you missed the first part of our contributors’ Top 10s, click here to check out what the some of our other writers and photographers had to say about 2010’s best releases. Tomorrow we start with the big guns – first up, our prolific album reviewer and lover of power metal, Tom Dare, will be revealing his Top 10 albums of 2010. Expect it to be grim….



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