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January 22nd, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Arch Enemy – Khaos Legions

Arch Enemy
Khaos Legions
Century Media
ETA May 2011

What they’re saying:
Drummer Daniel Erlandsson says:

“We had a very inspiring and creative time writing this album. I think this is definitely evident when listening to the new songs. There’s tons of variation in the material, ranging all the way from very melodic to extremely heavy.

“As you can expect there’s no shortage of killer riffs and intricate guitar work; the Amott brothers [Michael and Chris] have come up with some very cool yet demanding ideas!

“This album has some of the fastest songs I’ve ever recorded, along with a bunch of heavy pounding mid-tempo songs.

“As always, it’s difficult to describe music in words, but rest assured — this album will be one heavy fucker!”

Thrash Hits verdict:
You know what to expect from Arch Enemy by now- it’ll sound fucking enormous and people will work up idiotic amounts of ball-ache about Angela Gossow. Be it complaints about her voice, the inevitable heavy metal chauvinism (be it overt or the more subtle, patronising kind) or bleeding-heart liberals lambasting that chauvinism, you can guarantee someone will have a moan. We’ll be sniggering at the sand-under-foreskin routines and generally headbanging.

Guitar solo potential:

Watch Arch Enemy talking about the new album:


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