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January 31st, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Autopsy – The Macabre Eternal

The Macabre Eternal
Peaceville Records
ETA Spring 2011

What they’re saying:
Drummer vocalist Chris Reifert recently told Decibel Magazine:

“We’ve got more [material] written than we need, so we’re going to pack as much into the album as we can without it being too much. We’d like to think we saved the best stuff for the album.”


“We really have no interest in reliving the past. That’s what was cool about the songs just coming to us instead of our trying to force it.”

Thrash Hits verdict:
So Autopsy saved their best material for the album? The Tomb Within EP was not the best five songs they had written? An EP which made most death metal to come out in the last year look like the mewlings of an newborn kitten is only a taster at what to come? We’ll be looking through a thesaurus to find something stronger than “crushing”, “hideous” and “so gory the abattoir workers vomited” for when we review it.

Guitar solo potential:

Watch Autopsy recording ‘The Tomb Within’ EP:



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