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January 23rd, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Foo Fighters – TBA

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Foo Fighters
Title TBA
ETA Summer 2011

What they’re saying:
In spring 2010, Drummer Taylor Hawkins told Spinner:

“Dave’s got 15 or so song ideas that are awesome and we’ve already demoed some of them twice even,” “We do a lot of demoing to find exactly the arrangements we want, getting them exactly how we want them. It’s a large process for us. It takes a long time to do it. We don’t just say, ‘OK, let’s go make a record and pop in the studio and record it just like that.’ There’s a lot of preproduction that goes into making a Foo Fighters record.”

Dave Grohl told Rolling Stone that it will be their “heaviest album yet” and he and the band have kept people updated on their recording progress via Twitter, and apparently completed recording on 03 January 2011. There’s an album teaser down below.

Thrash Hits verdict:
We like awesome songs so this bodes well, but Foo Fighters haven’t really written an awesome song for bloody ages so that doesn’t bode well. Come on. They’re Foo Fighters. They’re going to play loads of massive gigs and headline festivals and sell loads of records. It’s going to be the seventh Foos record. Whether heavy means heavy as in awesome or whether heavy means heavy as in Gojira, we’ll wait and see.

Guitar solo potential:

Foo Fightrs – New Album Teaser


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