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January 23rd, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Machine Head – TBA

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Machine Head
Title TBA
Roadrunner Records
ETA Late 2011

What they’re saying:
Interviews as far back as spring 2008 have various band members saying “nothing til 2011” but Dave McClain told Metal Discovery this in spring 2010:

“Right now, the next album is a complete blank slate; we don’t know if it’s going to be a few more ten minute songs or like a bunch of two minute songs or four minute songs, so that’s the exciting thing.”

Also, Wikipedia says:

“In November 2010, Machine Head began writing and demoing new material for their seventh studio album, which they hope to officially start recording by April 2011. A late 2011 release date is expected.”

Thrash Hits verdict:
We know nothing apart from the fact that The Blackening was amazing and so this album will be amazing as well. Personally, we’re hoping for a nice mix of the ten-minute, the four-minute and the two-minute songs so the album is nice and balanced. Reasonable? Reasonable. That really is it. You find more if you can!

Guitar solo potential:

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