Thrash Hits

January 22nd, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Mastodon – TBA

Reprise Records
ETA late 2011

What they’re saying:
The band posted on their Facebook:

“Hello all, we are currently in the writing process for the next album. lot’s of riffs have been collected!!!”

And yes, we know that’s a bit on the tenuous side, but it’s fucking Mastodon so screw it.

Thrash Hits verdict:
Given their major label status, it seems unlikely that a sudden reversion to the fury of Remission will be in order, but other than that your guess is probably as good as ours, given that no one saw Crack The Skye coming stylistically. Even the most devout/obsessive fans would have struggled to predict it would be as brilliant as it was. Given this and the bands faultless record so far, we expect the utmost from Mastodon. And if Bill Kelliher could grow an even more amazing hair/moustache combination for us to talk about with reverence, that would be almost as good.

Guitar solo potential:

We’re still drooling over the video to ‘Divinations’:



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